An app that “Toonifies” people goes viral and it's fairly disturbing


We have huge respect for Justin Pinkney and Doron Adler, two programmers who have created this amazing “Toonify” Technology.  The “Toonify” Technology they have created, let's users submit photos and an algorithm spits out a “cartoon” version of a real face just like in Disney or Pixar movies. Sometimes the results are all right, sometimes it's just disturbing. 

If you are ready to try it on yourself, scroll down.

Check out some of the funniest results we found:

Ryan Gosling

Gal Gadot - Someone should definitely make an animated film starring Gal

Robert De Niro - we're gonna let you comment on this one...

Leonardo DiCaprio

Will Smith

Emma Stone - we like her "before" better

Kate Winslet

Keanu Reeves - Definitely the villain in this movie

Idris Elba - Sorry, you don't deserve that

Michelle Yeoh (What a princes!)

Dwayne Johnson - well, that's disturbing

Scarlett Johansson - true Disney princes


Ready to try it yourself?

The algorithm works best with high-resolution images without much noise. Looking straight on to the camera also seems to work best. Also, Make sure that there is only 1 person in the photo.

We don't store any of the images uploaded or generated. We send the image to DeepAI's servers to run the network and then show you the results.

*You only have 3 attempts to get a result you will be satisfied with, so make it count!


Try it yourself, and pray to your gods:

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