How the Zodiac Signs Behave During a Closure, According to Astrology

No one could have foreseen the situation in which half the countries of the world find themselves now – living in a closure whose purpose is to isolate millions of people from the coronavirus.

The closure, which rules over a large number of cities and countries, has led to some people taking advantage of the free time to work on their personal growth and to develop new ideas, whereas other people who don’t tend to be so positive are close to experiencing nervous breakdowns. During a closure, each zodiac sign experiences the situation differently, mainly due to each sign’s specific character traits.

So how does the closure affect you? Here are the ways that each sign copes according to the planets and signs of the Universe:

Ariens will be full of ideas of how to pass their time at home. They will initiate different activities during isolation, from going out to buy groceries, to planning activities and games for others who are also in isolation. Whoever is born under the Aries sign will see themselves as a leader, while discovering the great power inherent within themselves. However, as the closure continues and despite the desire to guide and lead, Ariens will begin to become nervous and impatient within their surroundings.

Taureans are practical types and they will live through the closure gracefully and without unnecessary drama. Anyone born on these dates will not outwardly express their feelings, because the Taureans don’t really show vulnerability. Therefore, they will behave calmly during the isolation and will keep their feelings to themselves.

Geminis are people who will have a really hard time surviving the isolation period. The members of this social and vibrant sign are very much in need of having people around them. Therefore, they will have a hard time during the coronavirus crisis, mainly because their feeling of isolation will be difficult and frustrating. If you were born under the Gemini sign, it is important to try to have as many Zoom calls, chats and virtual communication as possible with family and friends to get rid of the difficult feeling of loneliness.

Cancerians will be very moody during the quarantine. These people do not want to be shut in or restricted, and this will be noticeable from the outside. The Cancerians will reflect on and try to find logic in the strange situation in which we all find ourselves, and will feel that their lives are over. However, it is important to understand that the Cancerians’ hypersensitivity is what is currently occupying their head. Because of this, they should try to lower their stress index by self-relaxation through meditation, physical exercise and online conversations with professional therapists.

The Leos, on one hand, are leaders, and on the other hand, are very focused on themselves: They will prove that they are mostly concerned about what is in their own best interest. The Leo's main concern is related to the satisfaction of their needs, and only then will they concern themselves with others. If you are in shut in with a Leo, don't take their selfishness to heart. This is their way of dealing with crises.


Virgos will want to be up to date on everything that happens. They will watch every news station and read professional articles while in isolation. The Virgos will not be worried about the emotional effects of the closure and they will utilize their inherent rationalism to avoid hysteria during difficult times.

Libras will endure the crisis optimistically and positively. Anyone born under this optimistic sign will find a variety of activities and ventures that will provide them with amusement or enjoyment while spending time at home. Libras are people who have an idealistic view of things. Therefore, they will keep their heads up during the closure and view the period as ripe for inactivity, and thus will actually see it as an easy and pleasant period.

Scorpios will be very vigilant about the social-distancing guidelines and will make sure to follow every directive in full. The Scorpios will do everything possible to protect themselves and those around them. They will obsessively clean the house, always wear a mask, and stay exactly six feet away from others.

The Sagittarians will spare no emotion during the quarantine, while managing their time efficiently, and compulsively following all the restrictions imposed on the public. The Sagittarians will be slightly insensitive to others and will be heavily influenced by reports, updates and articles about the coronavirus.

Capricorns will be very practical during their isolation. They will make sure everyone is taken care of and everyone is aware of the potential dangers. The Capricorns will take the responsibility of making sure everyone is healthy and will do their best to help others.

The Aquarians are very independent and would prefer to spend time alone at home. If they must share an apartment with family members: it will take time for them to get used to it, and they will need support to stay sane during isolation with other people.

Pisceans, because they are full of compassion and goodwill, will sacrifice themselves for others. The Pisceans will provide relief to those who need it and help others maintain their sanity and health. Pisceans, even though it is also difficult for them, will do anything to give to others, because they see themselves as so sensitive and essential.

In order to pass the closure time in an interesting way, it is recommended that you read more about health, astrology, lifestyle and relationships.