This is why you can't orgasm easily!

Ahh! The most complicated topic ever, “Women Orgasms.” It’s important for each one of us to reach climax and feel satisfied. What are the mistakes that we’re making on our part that’s keeping us from getting the ultimate pleasure? Without wasting much of your time today, I’ll start right away with the important aspects.

Washing your genitals with cold water

This is a common habit and probably a wrong one that most of us wash our private area with cold water. Coldwater damages the delicate nerves and skin around the vagina, making it less sensitive to touch. Sometimes it’s okay to use cold water to relax the nerves, but doing it daily could really damage your orgasm cycles. The less sensitive it becomes, the harder it is for you to orgasm. Though it is best to use lukewarm water, you may also use normal running tap water.

Not eating enough healthy fats

Healthy fats like Omega-3, Oleic Acid, Vitamin K 12 are essential for your libido. They promote sexual health by helping you optimize your sex hormones. Healthy fats help you maintain lubrication in your body, including your vagina. Yes! You need good fats in your body to keep your sex life hot and steamy. Good Cholesterol conditions our body and allows better orgasms. Don’t stop yourself from eating those extra avocados or the tuna that you’ve been eyeing for. After all, it’s for the sake of your pleasure and happiness. Grab those Cod liver vitamins next time you visit the store.  

Masturbating the wrong way

Each one of us has different ways of making ourselves happy. While it has nothing to take with the equation you have with your partners, touching yourself is a great way to explore your own bodies and happiness. But what if we’re doing it all wrong? Making your self orgasm is an art. I suggest never rush your energies while being in the act. Try to find a calm and relaxing situation whenever you want to masturbate. Further, being too harsh and aggressive on your vagina could turn into making it less sensitive to stimulations. When it’s less sensitive, it takes you more time to reach the climax. You don’t want that, right?


You’ve overeaten before the act

Yes! Yes! I know it’s funny. But trust me, ladies, it’s true. If you’ve got some after-dinner plans, Don’t Over Eat. I Repeat Don’t Over Eat. It’s gonna give you a hard time if you do so. So, what happens when you overeat before the act? Our body has sphincter muscles that keep the food from taking a backshot after we’ve eaten, and when we fill our stomach to capacity, these muscles need to do extra hard work. Being sexually aroused makes it difficult for the body to orgasm and digest all together. Either you start feeling pukish, and even if you don’t, you will feel difficulty reaching orgasm.

You’re constipated and dehydrated

When you’re constipated, the colon and rectum are full of stool because bowel movements are hard, and make your poop difficult to pass. This may lead to bloating, pain, and cramps, and when all of this is going on for more than three days, a woman can’t orgasm. Having sex during this time may turn out as more painful than pleasure because the rectum is right behind the vagina. Keeping pain aside, being in the act while you’re constipated puts you at risk of infection because it is possible that bacteria from the stool can travel from the anus during sex and enter the vagina, leading to a vaginal or urinary tract infection. It isn’t something you deserve, do you? 

Further, you need to hydrate yourself enough to keep constipation away. Hydration also impacts your response to stimulation, making it easier for you to experience orgasm. Drink as much water as you can!

Using harsh soaps and washes

Well! This is a common thing that we all know, but it’s better to remind you when we’re already discussing such an important topic. Harsh soaps disturb the pH level making your vagina prone to fungal infections. Not only infections, but it also dries out the skin, which may be uncomfortable and harmful for your sexual health. Experts say that vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism, and you don’t need to put extra things in or around it. You should let the normal soap water run between your legs while bathing with mild rubs using your hands.

You never let the pubic hair grow

It may sound gross, but growing your pubic hair every now and then is a nice idea to keep your genitals protected. Super shaved bikini line sounds amazing and sexy, but it’s okay if you don’t. Protect it from overexposing, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The purpose of pubic hair is to provide a cushion against friction and to make the skin and muscles relax. Let’s jump into the psychology behind growing pubic hair and orgasms. When you shave yourself to clean after certain intervals, you feel better and tend to feel more aroused, leading to better orgasms in bed.

That was quite an informative session. All you need to do is make these small changes in your life and get the pleasure you desire. In fact, they are not any kind of special tricks, these are just simple lifestyle changes that will take you to climax. 

Hope you have a steamy night this time!