This is why your diet plan isn't working!

Months of strict diet and heavy exercises, but nothing really working out? I know it’s hard and often hurtful not getting the results we desire even when we’re putting a whole lot of effort, time, and money into something. Let’s find out why your diet plan isn’t working and what’s the solution? 


  1. Doesn’t Suit Your Body Type

Most diets are based on specific researches and particularly defined situations. They cannot be the same for everybody, and hence there are more than 50% of chances that the diet doesn’t suit your body type. Let me give you a small example. Let’s say a diet regime is experimented on 50 people, and their results are recorded. Some of them showed similar results, while some showed different. Now, I would like to ask you a question. What are the chances do you think YOU have in matching the body type of people under experiment? Maximum 100% or 50% or maybe 0? Now, you decide! Whether the diet will suit you or not because there’s nothing in this world that fits everyone.


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  1. Contradictory Lifestyle

This is an interesting factor to consider. When we get our diets planned by a professional, we look for a lifestyle change. However, our current lifestyle is entirely different from the one that we’re suddenly trying to adopt. Let’s say you are more inclined towards seafood, and now the diet says to include more veggies instead of seafood. Now because you’re habitual of having more seafood since childhood, this sudden change may lead to poor diet results. Trust me! You need a diet that’s made according to your lifestyle. Get a diet that suits your lifestyle and body from Custom Keto Diet.


  1. Not Focused on Nutrition

Nutrition is extremely important for any diet to work. When your nutrition is not up to the mark, you’ll have a hard time losing weight. Just being calorie deficit won’t help you in getting slimmer, You Need Nutrition! Don’t go for any diet that you randomly found online; rather, get the one that’s made, especially for you according to your body needs and current nutrition profile. 


  1. Not Customized Enough

Come On! Don’t tell me that just because your trainer asked you to fill up a questionnaire, you’ve got a custom diet plan. Those are only rough estimations, not the exact body analysis. Girl! Your body is more complex than a pre-defined set of questions in which your trainer tries to fit you in. It needs a deeper analysis and understanding of your body to make a well sought customized diet plan. 


The Custom Keto Diet Team formulates a plan that includes your choices and body analysis. What else could be better?


  1. Physical Environment

Yes! Physical environments largely impact our diets and their effects on our bodies. Your body is developed according to the environment that you grow up in. It needs the food that is available in your geographical location and rarely needs anything out of bound. Let’s say you’re born in a geographical location that doesn’t grow avocados. The high chances are that your nutrition needs won’t be affected if you don’t include them in your diet. 


However, when you go beyond what’s available locally, you expose yourself to a lot of risks. Since avocado is not your native fruit, your body will have difficulty getting along with it. Also, there are chances that the fruit isn’t fresh enough to consume, or it’s loaded with harsh preservatives rather than nutrition. Did you expect this? Probably not!


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