What If? 16 Celebrity Children from the Most Unexpected Parents

Hey, shippers! How often did you look at Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck and thought, “Gosh, I wish they didn’t split up and had like the prettiest kids ever…”? And although they’ve recently reconciled, it doesn’t seem they’re going to have children, considering their age, but who knows, really. There are so many celebrities out there that would’ve made a perfect couple but life decreed otherwise.
So, we took the liberty to bring some of those unexpected unions to life, of sorts, and see what their children would look like. We took images of male and female American celebrities and then processed them through AI technology to take a peek at their kiddos. Check ‘em out below and don’t tell me they’re not adorable!


#1 Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s Daughter Would Certainly Be An All-American Sweetheart


#2 Barack Obama and Kim Kardashian

Barack and Kim's Son Could Become Either The Next Sports or Pop Icon


#3 Will Smith and Beyonce

Will Smith and Beyonce’s Son Would Have Surely Been a Real Heartbreaker


#4 Leonardo DiCaprio and Britney Spears

#4 Leo and Britneys’ Daughter Looks Nothing Less Than A Real Angel


#5 Ryan Reynolds and Sarah Jessica Parker

Ryan and Sarah’s Daughter Would Steal The Teenage TV Shows


#6 Meghan Markle and Tom Cruise

Meghan and Tom’s Son Could Start His Own Boy Band


#7 Jay Z and Jennifer Lopez

Jay Z and Jennifer Lopez’ Daughter Would Be The Most Pampered Celebrity Child, For Sure.


#8 Snoop Dogg and Oprah Winfrey

Who the hell thought about this mashup?! that's right, we did. Snoop Dogg and Oprah Winfrey’s Daughter Would Surely Shine In TV Shows, Magazines – You Name It. This little girl is getting all attention.


#9 Tom Brady and Gal Gadot

Tom & Gal's Daughter Would Carry On Her Celebrity Parents’ Lineage. A True Wonder Kid.


#10 Ryan Gosling and Mila Kunis

Ryan Gosling and Mila Kunis’ Daughter Might’ve Become The Next Big Movie Star


#11 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Bieber and Gomez’ Son Would’ve Been A Huge Crush of Hundreds of Teen Girls.

But when he was a young boy, he Looked Like He’s Always Had A Hilarious Prank On His Mind. LOL.


#12 Prince Harry And Olivia Rodrigo

Prince Harry And Olivia Rodrigo’s Son Has a Look Of A True Royalty. Meghan, Watch Out.


#13 Ed Sheeran and Billie Eilish

Ed and Billie’s Daughter Could’ve Easily Joined Her Celebrity Parents On Stage, You know This Girl Could Sing.


#14 Lebron James and Rihanna

Lebron and Rihanna’s Boy Got The Best of Both Worlds. One thing for sure, This Boy Can Dunk.


#15 What Do You Want to See Next?

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