This Online Group Shared 50 Photos of Their Cuddly and Comfy Lover friends

We believe that cats are the cutest beings on the planet! Don’t believe us? Well, try it, just look at any cat and just tickle it for a minute, trust us the cat would cuddle into your lap and look into your eyes in a way that you would forget all your tensions and distress.

If you don’t have any cats around then watch any cat video, the way cats interact with their owners is something that is hard to describe in words. It’s pure LOVE!!!

Cats are playful, tender, and caring while they love to snug in (which is the best thing!). Nowadays, the snaps and videos of cats go viral and similarly, the cat groups have literally millions of followers and the videos are adorable enough to stay in your memory for long.

#1 Can’t Stop Missing My Lola Who Departed So Soon, Her Snaps Are A Treasure To Me. Sharing The Best One With All

The famous group subreddit also known as Tucked-In Kitties created in 2014, has been attracting cat lovers and up till now, the group has 304k members. 
To maintain the quality of the content there are some rules that everyone needs to abide. Some of the most vital ones include: “it must be a cat” which means that nothing other than cats must be shared, “Cats must be visibly 'tucked' in under a blanket or and something equivalent like shopping bags, wrapping paper, boxes, etc. don't count” so keep this in mind. Last but not the least, “personal attacks or offensive language directed at other users have no place here.”


#2 The Most Adorable Tucked-In Kitty Ever Seen

#3 Wish My Fuzzynuckets His 6th Birthday, Still Have That Moment In My Mind When I First Laid My Eyes On Him And He Was Just Born. The Vet Was Sure That He Would Never Hold Out Long, But My Love And The Kitty Formula Helped Him To Fight


#4 My Dearest Kitty Tucked In

Cats have all the right to be treated like kids and when during the night you would tuck them in with yourself on the bed or in their own beds, do not forget to click a picture!
The way these darling creatures just move their limbs while taking in the warmth and brushing themselves against the blankets is so incredible. This is the best time to click pictures because their poses at this point are ultimate.

#5 Mufasa Was My Life But Lost Him Forever On Monday. Look How Cute He Looked In The Bed!

#6 Isn’t My Baby Looking Enchanting While Dreaming

#7 Inspect What’s Happening Under The Camera While I’m Conveying A Lecture Online

#8 Nighty Night Reddit!

Doctors strongly recommend people suffering from various mental and heart diseases to adopt pets, specifically cats. It depends upon how close you keep them, for instance, sleeping in the bed with the cat. 
If you don’t feel much comfortable then it’s definitely your choice, but keep in mind that there are numerous benefits of sleeping in the same bed with your cat. You can check out the article by Bored Panda if you wish to dive deep into this...

#9 Check out The Newest Style Of Sleeping

#10 All Seth Wishes For Is Getting Tucked In But He Doesn’t Know That Can’t Fit Well In This…

#11 I Miss My Wife And Ticat Misses His Mother. We Snugged In Her Bed…

#12 Do You Think He Loves His Baby Sheep More Than Me?

If you love cats more than any other thing then you wouldn’t be able to halt scrolling the pictures of cats that are being pampered by their owners. Subreddit holds various categories in which you would find a list of different poses and positions by our cutey cats being tucked in.

#13 My Oliver Loves It When I Make The Bed For Us!

#14 My Hubby Never Forgets To Tuck Our Cat Before Leaving For Work. This Picture Is My Personal Favorite
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#15 Rise And Shine Kitties!

#16 I Just Adopted This Cat Few Hours Ago. Look How Comfortable It Seems In Its New Home

#17 My Triplets!

#18 My Black Sheets Are All White But I Love It


#19 I Guess My Rocky Has Seen Ghosts…

#20 My Kitty Isn’t Ready To Be Tucked In Without Its Favorite Toy

#21 Our Quarantine Would Definitely Be Enjoyable With Our New Foster Friend


#22 My Kitten Looks Soo Cute Passed Out On Kleenex, I Can’t Take My Eyes Off!

#23 My Baby Is So Annoyed Because I Lifted The Covers. I Loved The Reaction Though!

#24 Will Knows All The Bed Manners!!!

#25 Tired From The Day And Snoring Hard

#26 His Expression Whenever I Make The Bed For Us!


#27 Dare To Untuck My Baby And Be Ready To Face The Consequences…

#28 We Love It When We Are Tucked In Together For Naps

#29 She Sacred Me To Death When I Couldn’t Find Her And Neither Was She Responding. Ultimately Found Her Snugged In The Blankets On The Kitchen Counters

#30 Isn’t Happy After Wash But Was Necessary Since My Sweety Was Covered In Maple Syrup!

#31 My Daughter Is Growing Very Fast. She Tucked Herself In (Without My Help!)


#32 I Think My Tuna Is Dreaming Of Paris…

#33 My Popcorn Is So Tired After Doing Nothing All The Time!

#34 This Is My Pet “Princess” Who Had To Bear It When My Daughter Tucked Her In Tightly!

#35 This Poor Kitty Was Stuck The Pipe. I Rescued Her And Now She Is Safe In Her New Bed!


#36 It’s Time To Sleep Catto, Let’s Close Our Eyes!!!

#37 I Wanted To Introduce You To My New Roommate! Though She’s In No Mood For A Picture


#38 The Newest Member Of Our Family, Meet Our Baby Goose!

#39 His Face Is Telling Me It’s Morning And He’s Making This Cute Face To Get Breakfast


#40 A DIY To Keep You And Your Hooman Cozy


#41 It’s Winter, Don’t Ask My Cat To Leave The Warmth Of Bed


#42 My Cat Is Smart Enough To Tuck Herself If I Get Home Late! Is Your?

#43 This Is The Cutest And Laziest Wink Ever Seen…

#44 My Boyfriend Tucked Him In As A Joke. It's Been Over An Hour now

#44 Good Night Baby, I will join you soon.

#46 Cat Ready To Sleep. Goodnight Reddit


#48 Cozy Ride Home After A Teeth Cleaning!



 #50 It’s The Charming Position In Which A Cat Can Snug In!

#50 It’s her Day Off. Please Do Not Disturb