Last Trip Snaps of an Owner With His Loved Dog on a Wheel-barrow Are Heartbreaking

Life is an adventure, at times we climb high with courage, walk on an easy path effortlessly, and at times we reach harsh pathways which bring us pain and grief. But, always remember, there is no turning back instead the journey goes on and the pain becomes a part of memories when you move on without stopping.
Today, we have a similar story of Carlos Fresco and his adorable dog Monty (a labradoodle) who had spent ten years together. However, fate didn’t give them more time, and Monty was diagnosed with Leukaemia. This wasn’t easy for both, as Carlos felt that his life was slipping away from his hands but they kept fighting. The chemotherapy went well and things were getting better but not for long.
Monty’s health slackened and the doctors were trying their best.

Fresco knew that Monty was living the last days of his life and so he wanted him to spend them as the most worthy and memorable ones. So, Fresco took his pal to the peak of Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, Wales.

Their Most Cherished Vacation Spot On Brecon Beacons Mountains

Monty And Fresco Hung Out With Friends In Beacon While Monty Enjoyed Long Walks On The Wheelbarrow

Monty Relished Climbing Hills But Fresco Made Sure He Misses Nothing During The Trip

A Picture Of Monty And Fresco At The Peak Of Pen y Fan


Empathetic Strangers Were Sad For Us And Wished To Push Monty’s Wheel-Barrow

“I would like very much to thank them all for their support, encouragement and genuine concern over Monty,” said Carlos

“That little guy touched so many lives"


Unfortunately, Monty’s health worsened over the week and he died on the 21st of June

“Monty passed away at the foot of my bed on Monday morning. Aged ten. The little fella hung on for Father’s Day and is now at peace” Fresco shared

"He was truly a special boy. God bless and goodnight little fella.” Carlos told in an interview.