Who Wants To Give You A Kiss?


Once when people met each other they used to kiss - on the chick, on the hand or even blow a kiss in the air next to someone's face. That allowed people to get close, physically, to the person they meet. Now people hardly meet and when they do - they do not kiss. Kisses are now serving primarily romantic purposes. It was proven that a physical touch is a must for human beings to survive and develop well. When we hug and kiss our brain releases a hormone called Oxytocin, in charge of our "good feeling" - happiness, satisfaction and calmness. Actually this hormone is also released when we do other enjoyable things like laughing, making love, dancing and even sports. So.... now that we have established that kissing is good for us - we only have to identify the right partner.... Well, this is where we come for the rescue: we know who wants to give you a kiss! 

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