How will you Look Like as a Hollywood Star?


Using FaceApp amazing technology we'll give you that hollywood look you've always dreamed about.
Choose a clear photo of your face, or use your camera to capture a new image.

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For the past hundred years, whenever we measure or appreciate any standard of attractiveness we look at Films. From Marilyn to Angelina, Hollywood stars have always presented our latest ideas about what beauty looks like and means. All of us fantasize at some point or another about becoming a famous Hollywood star, looking fabulous on the cover of a glossy magazine after a lavish first-class make-over.
Being beautiful and glamorous is hard work, though. Making sure your skin, hair, and makeup are on full glam mode takes skill, practice and plenty of dedication. Looking your best can be demanding, frustrating, and exhausting, requiring endless attention and care. Ultimately, it's time-consuming, and when left to professionals, can be also extremely expensive.
Frankly, we can't always be bothered with all this 24/7. Sometime you just want to show yourself at your best instantly, whether it's because you want to send a quick but fabulous shot to someone special, or maybe just to cheer yourself up. 
With this nifty little app all you have to do is upload a good photo of yourself and leave the rest to the magic of digital imaging. We'll glitz and glam you up, and send you a Hollywood movie star makeover version of that image back within seconds, without all the hassle involved in trying to get that impeccable perfect look IRL.
Also If you want hilarity to ensue try taking funny pictures of yourself, your friends, your cat or your dad just to see results. We guarantee lots of fun on social occasions or, alternately, when you're just alone and bored.
So go ahead, choose a clear photo of your face and let us do the rest…
Get ready to become a celebrity!
Using FaceApp amazing technology we'll give you that Hollywood look you've always dreamed about
Choose a clear photo of your face, or use your camera to capture a new image.