Who Is Hiding Something From You?


Secrets have been around since... forever. Seriously, the first secret that we know about is the secret that EVE was hiding from Adam, and then Adam was trying to hide from god. REALLY?! did he really think that could work?! well, we have news for you. Once something is known for more than one person - it is not a secret anymore. The story of Adam and Eve is a good example to support that claim. There are, however, contradicting examples, that show cases of secrets that were carefully kept and managed. One of them is the Enigma machine: Enigma was invented by the German engineer at the end of the first world war. It was used by the Nazi Germany before and during World War II. Many efforts were investing in cracking it, and many war prisoners were interrogated in this regard. The Enigma was finally cracked by Alan Turing, who was working at the Government Code and Cipher School at Bletchley Park. 
Now that we have established that everyone has secrets, wouldn't you like to know who has secrets from you? Someone around you is hiding something from you...

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