5 Things you should never ever do while on your period

There’s plenty of myths surrounding the female behavior during those days of the month, from women avoiding the open water due to fear of attracting sharks to stories about weird cravings sending you to the supermarket at 3:00Am. We’re here to share some truths about things to avoid on your period.

All women know, commercials of wearing all-white outfits while horseback riding may be telling a different tale than reality holds. The beauty of being able to create life, comes with a side of slight discomfort and occasional pain. But not all of us know the following things to avoid, read and learn:


Avoid coffee as much as possible:

True, coffee helps avoid the undeniable tiredness that comes along with the monthly period but in fact it can cause you menstrual pain – caffeine shrinks the blood vessels in our bodies and increases existing body cramps.



Avoid smoking:

Smoking is unhealthy in every month of the year, all year long. On your period, it’s even worse, it’s a known factor for pain increase and even prolonging menstrual pain. It effects the digestive system, disrupts the blood flow, and increase overall unpleasantness in our bodies.


Avoid Junk food:

We know, the cravings are a big problem during your monthly period – having a desire for salty food like fries and fast-food items is extremely common. The problem is, all those foods are rich in sodium and makes you dehydrated while observing excess liquids, making you even more bloated than you already are due to the period. Dairy based snacks such as chocolate and ice cream are also better to avoid – our digestive system is extra sensitive during this time of the month and those can cause you immediate digestive discomfort and cramps.



Avoid unprotected sex:

Avoiding unprotected sex is always a good idea, unless you have an exclusive partner that you trust fully. Some people are not into having sex anyway during the period – from men or women side, but even if you and your partner don’t mind the extra flow – it’s better to avoid unprotected sex: Your cervix is extremely sensitive to infections, viruses and germs during your monthly period and you cause harm to your cervix, vagina or even the area of the pelvis and womb. It also increases pain and even increases period blood flow. In conclusion: Probably not worth the possible risk and discomfort!



Avoid waxing and hair removal:

Every pain is more intense during your monthly period, a cut, burn and even small bumps can hurt much more. So, even if you’re used to the pain of waxing and laser hair removal and think of it as a mild level of pain, the pain you’ll experience will be much stronger on those days of the month. Some experts even say hair that is removed on those days will come back sooner than in other days, so it’s better to wait a few days for your hair removal beauty routine.


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