9 Bedroom signs that means he’s really into you

Even if you’re happy about your sex life with your partner, there’s always room for improvement, right? whether you’re pleased, got issues or unhappy in bed, check the following points to find out if your sex partner is really into you, inside and outside the bedroom:


He compliments you

A man that is totally into you will flatter, compliment, and empower you while making love. Always listen to the messages behind the words, what exactly he’s complimenting you about – things about you, him or about both of you.


He invests in himself

Being clean, shaven with great hygiene and smell cannot be a one-sided road. Notice his personal hygiene, the cleanliness of his room and how often he changes the sheets when you come over.



He communicates during sex

During the act of love-making, being silent is not very sexy. A man that is not afraid to talk about his feelings during sex is both a turn-on and as well as a sign that his desire and care levels towards you are high.


He comes up with new, refreshing moves

A guy that tries to spark up your love life and doesn’t repeat his old moves and tricks every time is a guy that cares for you and thinks about your sex life, even when he’s not in bed with you. That’s an indication that he cares about keeping your interest in him, in and out of the bedroom.



He touches you even when it doesn’t lead to sex

A guy that is devoted to you will initiate random hugging, massaging, cuddling, touching, and caressing, even when it doesn’t lead straight to the bed room. It means he enjoys you and enjoys seeing you enjoy yourself without any immediate reward for him.


He wants you and he’s not afraid to show it

If you’re always the one initiating touch, closeness or even sex – it means he’s just not quite into you. A guy that desires you will randomly hug you and touch you gently just for being the sexy woman you are to him.


He’s committed to you

A guy that gives you his all inside the bedroom will not be motivated to reach an orgasm first, he’ll worry first about turning you on, exciting you and seeing you climax before he does.


He kisses you

A kiss is an indication for closeness, love, and care. A man that kisses you only when he’s ready to get some action, keep you only so he can satisfy his sexual needs.



He communicates with you

Notice the signs – a guy that cares for you will text and call you throughout the day and not send a message only when he wants to get together for his own motives. A foreplay starts way before bed – with sweet words over the phone or a loving message directed at you.


If your partner follows those pointers – you can stay calm and give him some credit. If he doesn’t, you need to check your relationship and check yourself – is your relationship as real and loving as you think it is?



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