Everything you ever wanted to learn about the female orgasm

Female orgasm is a subject surrounded by a fog of urban legends, misconceptions, and ancient fairy tales, all describing a twisted image of sex and in particular, the role of orgasms in a women’s sex life.

The porn industry makes it even worse, by painting an unrealistic image of sex as it occurs in the world, adding even more myths to the pile of already existing myths on the subject.

The problem is the same with every myth, people believe it to be a reality. In our case, the sexual experience and expectations becomes un realistic, filled with false hopes and promises. What are some of those myths about the female orgasm?


If a woman didn’t climax – the sex wasn’t good:

Nonsense! Women can enjoy a great experience in bed even without climaxing. In fact, women can climax and still not completely enjoy the overall experience.

Yes, the orgasm is the main highlight of the act but it’s not the only goal.

Men, always try to make sure your women reaches an orgasm but if she didn’t, it doesn’t necessarily equal poor performance on your behalf.


A woman must have clitoris arousal in order to reach an orgasm:

Not at all! Even though 70% women reach an orgasm only with clitoris arousal, there’s two more kinds of female orgasms – one can be reached by arousing only the clitoris, one is a vaginal penetration orgasm and the third one involves the combination of those two.


If a woman in a relationship, she has no need to masturbate:

Oh no, it has nothing to do it – masturbating is a personal need for women and a natural one, it’s just a different kind of pleasure.

Men, if you feel left out, just think of her alone at home doing it… it may turn you on enough to stop worrying about it.



If she moans too hard, she’s faking:

Wring again, it has nothing to do with it! Some women are louder than others and for some, being loud is a part of the overall enjoyment, so stop worrying! Just keep pleasuring her and enjoy hearing her moan over your sexual actions.


Multiple orgasms do not exist:

Not true at all! Women can even practice it by learning tantara moves and methods. Celebrities like Sting and Tom Hanks shared stories of five-hour orgasm they encountered with some help from tantra techniques. A small tip from us to help your woman reach multiple orgasms: Invest in foreplay!


Bigger man’s genitals equal stronger pleasure:

Drop that myth and realize it’s all about the foreplay that starts way before bed, just by the way you touch, communicate, and act towards the women you’re with.


Some women can’t reach an orgasm

All women can reach an orgasm but not all of them can reach the level of relaxation, confidence, and peace of mind to reach it. But, all men can help women relax and feel confident, so they can explore their sexuality and reach new heights of pleasure.



A few basic steps to help your woman enjoy herself more in bed:

Adore her, crave her, respect her.

Dedicate yourself to the woman in front of you mentally and physically, take it slow – women enjoy a long tease and the confidence of knowing a man is into them before they can feel comfortable to let go and reach the desired orgasm.


Initiate intimate gentle touch

Gentle caressing, whispering in her ear, kisses on the neck – all those small gestures creates a big anticipation.

Take it slow, enjoy a long foreplay.

Men, listen to your partner’s breathing and heart beat and read her body language. Never, ever hurry up, it’s a turn off - take small steps towards reaching the ultimate pleasure.



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