Cheating and zodiac signs – what do the stars say about your man?

Are you feeling suspicious in the relationship lately? Do you think your partner may be looking elsewhere and stepping outside the relationship? Character and morality level are determining factors in the matter but also, your partner’s zodiac sign!

A survey that examined over 2000 men determined Sagittarius are the most unfaithful male partner, most likely to cheat, but it doesn’t mean all Sagittarius men are – some were found to be loving and devoted and were just unhappy in their specific relationship.


Learn more about each sign and its zodiac tendencies to cheat on you:

Aries: Considered unfaithful men that are not even tortured by the idea of cheating on their wife or partner. They’ll get mad if you suspect them, even if it’s true. They’re mostly honest though so most chances they’ll confess before even getting in trouble for it.






Considered stable and faithful but also extremely passionate so they can get tempted easily in certain cases. They’ll usually get caught just by being forgetful and make silly mistakes like calling you their lover’s name or leaving their phone to ring with their lover’s name showing on the screen.




Considered very flirtatious men with plenty of supposedly platonic female friendships, that sometimes lead to more. If you suspect a Gemini man, notice his closest female friends, the hint may be hiding there.




Considered unfaithful and romantic, meaning – if they fall in love, they might follow their heart and leave you behind, and they do fall in love often. They’re very secretive and leave no tracks, therefore, it’s very hard to catch them in the act or after it. Notice little signs, if he compares you to other women or too talkative about other women, it may be your sign to investigate further.




Leo man try to be faithful as possible, as part of their strong, proud personality. For them, hurting their spouse means they hurt themselves. But, they superficial so beauty and looks of another woman may lead them to cheat. If a Leo man makes too many negative comments about your looks, he may be attracted to someone else over you.




Considered extremely faithful but not because they don’t want to cheat but because they have a fear of getting caught. You’ll never know if a Virgo man cheated on you, they very discreet, but he’ll usually tell you about his deeds quickly and won’t be able to keep it to himself.




If Libra men feel underestimated and underappreciated, they may cheat – they have a constant need to be adored and loved. They’re also sneaky so you might have to confront them if you suspect cheating. Fortunately, most Libra men also appreciates a strong, long-lasting relationships so they will think twice before the cheating act.




Scorpio men are passionate and sexual, and it can get them in trouble. Their libido will make them dive into fantasies and sexual escapades easier than others. Also, they have a great “poker face” so it won’t be easy to catch them or find evidence for their actions.




The most unfaithful men on our list, that can easily lead a double life. They’ll try to be part of a relationship, but they are addicted to excitement and will find ways to cheat to keep the thrill in their life. They’re great in hiding their acts, excellent actors! but they’re also un predictable so they might just answer you directly with the truth when confronted.




They are considered stable faithful partners mostly that doesn’t get tempted easily. But no sign is perfect and in the Capricorn’s case, if he’s cheating - it’s a lost cause – he probably developed emotions for a different woman and your relationship with him might end eventually.




If those men are bored – they’ll cheat easily, they are not stable at all, not in a relationship and not in life. They are not afraid to get caught and might be very open and not apologetic if you ask them about it, they don’t feel like they owe anyone an explanation for any of their own actions, not even their wife or life partner.




Considered faithful and loving, with strong levels of loyalty. Their emotions are usually high-strong so if they do cheat, it’s easy to tell. Those emotions are the same ones that will make them cheat usually – if they meet an exciting woman, they won’t be able to control themselves.



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