What does your zodiac sign tell you about your orgasm?

We already know astrological signs can tell us a wide range of things about you as a person, but did you know it can give you details about your sexual energy and the way your orgasm will look like? Steaming details ahead…





Your orgasm looks like a shift at work – you think about it as closing another deal. Being meticulous and productive is your game!



You are hardly shy, you are loud, and you enjoy every moment of it for the world to hear!



You have intense orgasm and enjoy screaming while you do it, your soul is feeling it deep and so is your body!



you have royal orgasms! You are like a walking, talking, breathing Kama Sutra tutor, showing everyone how it’s done….



You are flowing with moans, yells, body fluid and heart explosions – you are dramatic and enjoy every minute of the orgasm!



For you, every time is like a first time – exciting and thrilling! Like a kid in a candy store!



You guys feel it in all over your mind and body and not scared to get loud and share your excitement with your partner.



Your orgasm looks like it’s taken from a Hollywood movie – all you need is a crowd and some loud claps in the end of the act! Ok, we may be exaggerating but you get our grip!



You are so quiet, like mice in the night – if you won’t update your partner, they’ll simply won’t know!



You are big on expressions – smiles, exaggerated squinting and lashes that are working extra hours – your face is working extra hours!



You guys are so intense when you orgasm, you look mad and angry – killing your partner with passion! You are like fireworks with a side of flames!



When you reach your climax, you are so silent no one can tell or feel, sometimes not even your partner because you’re so relaxed.


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