Coolest places to have relations by your zodiac sign

Some of us are more adventurous than others when it comes to our love life and sex life but not everyone likes to step outside of the bedroom or even the house to perform their acts. Did you know your zodiac sign also have a lot to do with your choices? Check yourself!





Capricorns may look shy and cold in bed but don’t let their exterior fool you! The coolest place for them to choose hot action involves a pampered spa, a bath, and a massage with essential oils.



Not the wildest of the bunch! They’ll choose a phone roleplay or an erotic skype conversation over the real thing sometimes – you won’t get much action here!



Just like their sign predicts, they love water, the beach and they have a constant flow of sexual energy! Therefore, you can expect them to be their favorite sexual destination!



Spontaneous is the dominant element here so they’re simply not picky! It can be in the back seat of a car, on the kitchen table, on a camping trip or wherever their desire starts sparking!



They got demands so you got to put them in the mood! Get a great bottle of wine, sexy outdoor lights anything that can put them in the right atmosphere for some loving!



Your words is your power with this sign, they’re talkative, they love communicating and they always have something to say! Erotic talk can put the in the mood everywhere!



Sensitive people that needs to feel loved and safe before they got into the action – they’ll mostly want to do it at home, so you may want to take them for a night out and then start your sexual adventures at home!



They love a crowd! Doing it in the middle of the street is not a great idea but on a top of a building or a skyscraper will excite them more than you can imagine!



They are clean and love hygiene, you won’t find them having hot sex in the mud…more like in a great scented room with clean, white sheets!



Dress classic and stylish and they’ll do anything to rip off your clothes! They love chic and they love elegance so make sure you look right, and they’ll go along with some of your outdoor fantasies…



Scorpios loves mystery! Find an unconventional spot, an hiding spot in nature, a dark room at work or anywhere they may get caught – that will turn them on!



They are sexual animals, so they love to make love in nature! Find a big tree to lean on, some lake front or a secret place in the park and go for it!


Are you already calling your sexual partner for some hot plans? We are…



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