What people assume about you based on your zodiac sign?

We can try to be as politicly correct as we want but we all have some prejudice about people around us based on social and cultural elements as well as superficial elements. Don’t be surprised your zodiac sign holds a big part of what people think of you. Can you guess what people think of you based on your astrological sign?





People assume you are highly judgmental because you have high standards towards you and your environment. You give 100% and accept others to do the same.



People think you’re cold but it’s just because you never wear your heart on your sleeve and you clam up when you feel uncomfortable.



Your silent attitude towards life can be perceived as weak or scared and even unconfrontational – but the truth it, you just simply scared to get hurt and love to focus on the good things in life.



People think you won’t stop at anything to get what you want but the truth is, you are just determined to experience as much as possible and you’re hungry for new challenges and adventures.



Knowing exactly how your life and routine will look like will make people think you are self-centered and have no social life – in fact, you’re just extra meticulous about who and what you want in your life.



Some people may think you are messy and disorganized, but the truth is that you just love many different things and have plenty of interest so you end up jumping around from subject to subject.



People think they can fool you easily because you are so sensitive and easily connect with others on an emotional level but in fact you have the wisdom to know someone is trying to take advantage of you and stop it before it happens.



Because you’re so confident in every step you do in life and you are tremendously independent, people think you never need help when in fact sometimes you just want a shoulder to lean on and a helping hand.



You are considered workaholics and people that choose work first over anything else but in fact most of you know how to balance the rest of your priorities while enjoying great satisfaction from your job or career.



Being super-friendly makes people think you are easily manipulated and depended on your environment but in fact, you have a strong opinion and a backbone.



Some people think you are difficult but in fact others easily hurt you. You are very picky, and it takes you time before you are willing to expose your true self to others.



You hate when people think than can figure you out easily, you are an individual and it’s important to you that people realize you have your own way of thinking and behaving.



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