10 compliments your man wants to hear and some compliments he can’t stand

The stereotype says that women love talking about feelings and they supposedly have a constant need for love and affection as well as compliments from their male partner. Men are considered to be the ones that act through their logic and mind and less moved by emotion.

With the years, it became clear that all human beings, women, and men, have a constant need for care and love but men are taught to hide it better by society’s guidelines.

Some compliments will work less than others for men and some will open their heart right away – let’s start with 4 lines men do not necessarily enjoy hearing:


“It’s so sweet you want to help me, but I can do it faster”

Maybe you can do it faster and better but if he offered help to relive your stress, let him help you and be nice about it. Being impatient to your partner is never a good thing and men don’t like hearing what they do is simply not good enough for you. This line sounds innocent, but it hides plenty of criticism in it – it means he’s doing things slower and worse than you. Appreciate his help even if you prefer to do it yourself.


“Honey, you’re so cute!”

A man will usually answer: “What, I’m a dog? I’m a baby?” men prefer to be perceived as tough and manly and not as cute and sweet like a puppy or a child. It makes them feel less confident about their manhood. A simple “I love you” is a better idea!



“I cannot believe you managed to fix the faucet!”

It may sound like a compliment but it’s not. Why don’t you believe it? It sounded like you didn’t trust his abilities and you don’t appreciate his qualities and character. You can say the same thing in a different way, such as: “you did an awesome job, I knew I made a great choice by choosing you!”


“You’re the best I ever had!”

That’s the worst compliment that you can think of. When he wants to pleasure you, he doesn’t want to think of other men you were with, he starts thinking of situations he rather not think about – of you with other guys. You can simply say: “I love the way you make me feel” or “You make me feel amazing!”



What compliments men loves hearing?


“You always know exactly what I love”

Women are not easy to please so when they are pleased and vocal about it, men feel awesome! Why not make your partner feel on top of the world?



“I trust you”

Women love to feel safe and secured. As long as we can trust someone to take care of us, physically and emotionally, we can connect to a partner easier. Men love to hear it, loud and clear!


“I love you!”

So simple and so perfect. When we truly mean it, our man feels it and it makes him more calm and secure throughout the whole day. Men love knowing you love them just for who they are – it gives them a meaning and empowers them.


“Yeah baby, give me more!”

Be wild, be loud, scratch his back, bite your lips, be sexy – it’s the best compliment men can ask for!


“you take me to new sexual heights”

Men love to hear about your orgasm and about how good they are in bed, it makes them work harder. They need to hear it sometimes even when they seem confident and secure.


“Look at her body, wow!”

Men loves it when you compliment other women, it means you are liberated, you’re confident and he can be free to be a primal man that sometimes look at other women. It also means you fully trust him.


“That bitch keeps eyeing you, she should be careful!”

Jealousy in very small doses is good for the relationship, not often and not plenty of it. It makes men feel sexy and desired and they know that you crave them only for yourself when you act like that.


“I’m never bored when you’re around”

Men are perceived as boring creatures sometimes and when you compliment their character they feel empowered and will probably invest more time into you. It makes men become more creative and think of new ways to surprise you!



“I want to have your kid!”

Usually women scream it for rock stars in a concert but when you say it to a man you basically tell him you think his gene pool is good, they you want to be with him long-term and that you think he’s a great man of great quality. It makes him feel successful!



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