Top zodiac signs that remain single for long!

We’re not all meant to be in a relationship, but some of us are more prone than others to be part of a couple – some of us prefer to be single and alone in different levels and for different reasons. Here are all the astrological signs and their potential to stay in a relationship





Hard to get and always aims for a higher standard, sometimes, too high. Some find this sign as one of the hardest to deal with and very threatening, they often tend to cause a feeling of distance and frustration in a relationship.



They depend on themselves, first and most of all, and are extremely honest. They have an ability to connect deeply with people, so they often find themselves in a relationship. A meticulous sign that always looks for the next great thing.



Dreamy people that tend to be too romantic sometimes and when the other part doesn’t act the same, they tend to be frustrated and act moody. They create great fantasies, so they’re likely to fall hard when the fantasy doesn’t turn into a reality.



This sign sees something it wants and will do anything to achieve it and get it. But, many times it will go after things and people that they cannot reach, because the chase is more thrilling. As soon as they get the relationship they desire, their interest goes down quickly.



Stubborn human beings but also very generous when they love someone. The problem is that they feel unappreciated easily because they tend to give their all and don’t always get it back. Remember: It’s not an easy ride with a stubborn Taurus!



They love action and social gatherings. They love meeting new people constantly and jump around from one thing and event to the other. If you’re not like them, it can be tiring, and they may lose their interest fast and find you boring.



Loyal, dedicated and works hard to please their partner, even on their own expense. Being highly sensitive sometimes leads them to problematic situations because they gets offended if they are not treated the same way they treat others.



Leos know their worth and appreciate themselves, so they enjoy relationships without feeling threatened. They are great at finding compatible partners, so they often stay in relationships for long periods of time.



Perfectionists that won’t bring people into their life when they don’t fit their level of organization, cleanliness, and order. Hates chaos so if they spot any of it in the partner, they’re gone right away!



Takes time to decide but when it does – it sticks with it! Very stable people that don’t change their mind easily. Doesn’t like being alone so they’ll always tend to look for a relationship.



The most sensual and desired sign, often perceived as a threat by milder individuals. Scorpios have an addicting personality that people are easily attracted to. Scorpios will stay in a relationship that allows them to be themselves and always speak their mind.



Adventurous human beings that are open minded and willing to try just about anything. With a strong charisma, they attract different kinds of people and many enjoy their presence and love having their full attention directed at them.



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