Men that are better to avoid by their zodiac sign

Men, you can’t do with them and you can’t do without. According to your astrological sign – what kind of men are better for you to avoid?





You are serious, and level headed so if a man is too light-headed and silly, it may not work for longer than a flirt.



It’s hard for you open up to others, so stay away of men that don’t make you feel safe and empowered, you need someone that helps your heart feel secure and sheltered.



You don’t like risks, you play it safe and sometimes it makes you miss chances. Stay away of men like you – you need a man that is more adventurous, a risk-taker!



You have an independent, strong personality so you don’t need someone that wants to block you from your independence. You need someone that has his own life and independence, so you can enjoy yours.



Stay away of jealous men, you need a man that will help your self-confidence grow and empower you while creating an environment of mutual respect in the relationship.



You don’t need to let anyone doubt your sensitive nature. If he tries to, let him go quickly!



If a man consider you too sensitive or takes your feelings for granted, get away quick. You have a huge heart and you need someone to embrace it and respect it.



You are highly motivated and tremendously creative, leading you to have a wonderful effect on your surroundings. You need a man that is not afraid of your power and strength!



You tend to be anxious and have plenty of fears so choose a man that relaxes you and never find anyone that is as fearful as you – you need a man that can make you feel safe and calm.



You tend to make yourself smaller in front of men but that’s the men you must escape as fast as possible. If a man can’t empower you, don’t be with him, period, you are too good for that.



You need a man that can appreciate your lust and hunger for life, if not – he’s not the one. You need a partner that is as passionate about life and relationships as you are.



You are extremely fluent, vibrant, and full of humor, but you need to find the one that will also be there when things are not perfect – don’t stay with anyone that appreciates you only when things are looking bright and shiny – you need someone that will be your support system through thick and thin.



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