Who is your ideal partner to travel the world with by your zodiac?

Traveling abroad on your own can be an enriching, joyous experience but it can be even better when you have your ideal partner on your side!

What does the zodiac tell you about your astrological ideal partner that will elevate your travel experience to a new level?


Aries + Gemini or Sagittarius 

Those combinations are all about fire signs, filled with excitement and self-confidence. The Aries will take the trip to his own direction and the Sagittarius will gladly follow and can also suggest new ideas. Gemini and Aries are also a great combination because they’re both adventurous and love to take advantage of every moment in a trip!


 Taurus + Cancer or Libra

Taurus loves luxury and comfort in a trip – staying in nice hotels and eating in great restaurant. That makes the cancer into an ideal partner because they are also into leisure and indulgence while traveling.

Libra is a great combination for Taurus because they love gourmet food and museums and enjoy taking trips in a slow, fun pace.


Gemini + Aquarius or Aries

Aquarius and Gemini are both intellectual signs that will work great together in a trip – they love to enrich their knowledge and explore new destinations. The Aries is a great partner to the Gemini due to their spontaneous nature.


Cancer + Taurus or Libra

Both cancer and Taurus signs love to travel in their own pace and not rush, they enjoy peaceful trips with not too much adventurous and will choose a stroll in the city over an adventurous hike.

Libra is a great partner for cancer because they both are into history and culture and can have a great harmonious trip, combining both.



Leo + Libra

Leos loves to visit the trendiest spots and loves to entertain and meet new people. The Libra signs loves it too, but they’re better than Leos in finding those spots and organizing it perfectly. Leos are controlling so libra can balance it because they usually will go with the flow.


Virgo + Capricorn or Gemini 

Capricorns and Virgos are a wonderful match for trips because they’re both highly organized, they will have a perfect plan for each day and know what they’re doing every day, so the flow of the trip will be smooth and timely.

Gemini signs fit the Virgo because they both enjoy intellectual activities connected to art, history, and culture.


Libra + Libra or Taurus

Libras are a great partner for each other, they enjoy luxury, art, and similar activities, like two peas in a pod. They both easy to get along with it so the chances for arguments are slim.

Taurus and libra also loves luxury, art and culture and appreciate it all so they can have a great time together!



Scorpio + Pisces or Scorpio

 Scorpios and Pisces signs are both water signs, so they’ll have a great time together – Scorpios can be controlling, and Pisces doesn’t make a big deal out of anything, so they will go along with and the trip will be a great success. Scorpios are good with each other because they mostly share similar interests.


Sagittarius+ Aries or Gemini

Sagittarius loves traveling and loves adventures and action, it’s a sign that can navigate the Aries signs enthusiasm to a positive direction. Gemini is a perfect match for the Sagittarius because they’re both spontaneous by nature and they’ll both do anything to make the most out of the trip they’ll share.


Capricorn + Virgo or Pisces

Capricorn and Virgo are a perfect match because they’re both great with deadlines, and hate being part of impulsive trips. Pisces works with Capricorn because he brings vibrant vibes to the structured trips Capricorn usually arranges.



Capricorn + Libra

That’s a great combination because they’re both thinkers that loves learning new things, especially while traveling. They can balance each other in a social manner, help each other open to new experiences and new people.


Pisces + Taurus

Pisces are romantic creatures and Taurus loves to see the beauty in the world, they’ll both enjoy the pleasure of great food and culture. They both hates confrontations so there’s a great chance they’ll avoid arguments and enjoy a smooth, wonderful trip together.



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