6 Harmless ways to get back at your ex

Time heals all wounds, it’s true. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, that’s true as well. But no one can understand what you really going through during a break-up and how hard it is to get through this confusing and painfully time. There’s a few harmless ways you can get back at your ex and make yourself feel better and even a bit amuses!

Here’s 6 juicy ways to do it:


Make Over

If you felt too comfortable in the relationship and started neglecting yourself, try to make yourself feel better by looking better – get your hot looks back! Get a new haircut, buy fresh make-up, work out or do yoga – anything that will make you feel better and improve your appearance. When you see your ex next time, it never hurts to look your best and make them regret ever leaving you!



Stay in touch with their best friend

If you were serious, you probably know their circle of friends and family and they’ll sometimes feel bad about losing you. That’s the time to be extra-friendly, stay in touch with the BFF of the ex, hit Like on their best Facebook photos (Shirtless or bikini photos included) invite him to different event you know he or she will be into and stay friendly on social media without mentioning the ex.


Show them you got a life without them

Even if you’re not totally over it, act like it – and it will help you get over it sooner than later! How? Go to social events, join a class you like, go out dancing, volunteer and of course – show it all off on social media!


Block them

You can block them on all social media and it has a double benefit – 1. You won’t see what they do, and it will help you move on, and 2. He won’t have a way to contact you and drag you back into missing them. It will also make them feel insignificant to you and that’s always nice.



Offer them to improve their appearance

You can be extra vicious and leave his number in a company that plays off on their biggest weakness. For example: If your partner hated his hairy nature, leave his or her number in a company for laser removal or waxing and threading. That will be a sweet way to hurt their ego!


Move on!

The best revenge is to move on, right? So, try your hardest to do it! Erase their phone number, block them on your phone, avoid every one of his friends, take a trip and do things that they didn’t like, and you did – it will make you feel better and maybe even find a new love to fill the void!



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