Your most problematic quality in a relationship by your zodiac sign

You think you found the right partner, there’s love in the air! But, before you realize, little things start annoying you and bothering you and you’re not so sure it’s your perfect match. Let’s check within the zodiac – does it have anything to do with your partner’s astrological sign? Plus, ways to handle it if it does! 





They think they always know what’s the right thing to do and they have the higher standard for anything, it can get annoying! They can be very controlling as well, also to their partners. If you love surprises – don’t look for it here, they plan things ahead and stay away from surprises!

Your solution: If you can go along with them without losing yourself, try – they’re extremely stubborn. They might appreciate the fact that you have your own backbone and idea of what you want and need.



Those are everyone’s best friend that is always willing to help a friend in need, but you won’t be always their priority and that’s not easy when they change plans for their friendly assistance regime! They’re grumpy and hate depended people, it bores them, so think twice if you can handle those two difficult qualities.

Your solution: Be independent and be prepared to change plans on the go. Never show them you depend on them for anything – it will turn them off!



They are dreamy and sometimes live in their own reality. Being pessimistic and too realistic will turn them off. They’re highly moody, even without any dramatic reason and they tend to over analyze things.

Your solution: You must be a good listener to survive a relationship with them. Also, check if their dreamy nature makes you happy or drives you insane, because they won’t change easily.



Aries signs beat to their own drum, they’re not worried about completing tasks or making sure their house is neat and clean. They’re impulsive and tend to cancel plans last minute. They have a direct attitude and sometimes can hurt you without meaning it.

Your solution: Be flexible and realize they usually don’t mean to insult you, they just talk before they think it through. You may think long and hard about something hurtful they said while they forgot all about it already…



They love to cook, and they love to spend money – on themselves and on beautiful things for their home and closet. They tend to think they’re smarter than anyone else around them, so they might bore you talking about a subject they’re really into, not realizing you’re not into it.

Your solution: Realize they’re not patronizing you by going on and on about certain things, they’re just passionate. They’re loyal friends and partners that will love sharing the beautiful things in life with you.



You can’t argue with them – you’ll never win, they always think they’re correct. They get bored easily and they love chatting, you’ll never have a peaceful moment.

Your solution: Stop taking them or your life too seriously. If you love winning arguments though, you may wish to find a different partner to argue with…



Cancers love to be home and not very keen on social gathering. They’re also extremely true to themselves so if they want to stay home, they won’t care they promised you to leave the house earlier. They’re moody and sensitive and they can hold a grudge for years after.

Your solution: if you like them enough, you’ll have to accept their mood and learn to apologize often.



They think the world revolves around them and their ego is easily bruised. They’ll hurt you right away if they feel unappreciated by you. They’ll comment on anything, including your appearance.

Your solution: Make sure to dress top-notch and learn to develop your own identity so you won’t get hurt from their remarks and comments.



They’re very particular, everything and anything has its place in the house. They hate people that are late and extremely insane about deadlines. They also worry way too much and it’s hard to calm them down when they get into it.

Your solution: Can you live with those qualities? Virgos won’t change easily. Or, at all….



They are the perfect relationship partner, they love harmony and balance and it can sometimes even get too annoying – they’re always looking for the perfect solution, but life isn’t perfect.

Your solution: Learn to listen and you may even learn from them – they’re always thinking of great ideas!



They’re mysterious, sometimes secretive and keep a lot to themselves. They’re suspicious and hard to please. They’re also very jealous because they’re passionate and they love hard, with mind, body and soul and plenty of drama.

Your solution: If you can deal with the drama and the mystery – you’ll enjoy an amazing sexual partner!



They love freedom at all cost, just being in a relationship with them only is half the battle. They’re also flirtatious but will never cheat if they truly love you, they just need reassurance. Tact is not their greatest quality, so we hope you’re not too sensitive.

Your solution: Have your own life – Sagittarius need their own independence from you and love spending time without you. So, give them space and it might just work perfectly!



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