6 Surprising signs that you may be good in bed

We all want to be impressive in the bedroom, even if we’re not willing to admit it,

Your sexual partner won’t necessarily tell you how good you are -  how can you check yourself to see if you’re good in bed? We have surprising facts that will help you determine:


You drink a lot of wine

Drinking wine and sexual performance got something to do with each other?  An Italian research from 2009 showed women that drink more than two glasses of wine a day were happier and more satisfied sexually than women that didn’t drink at all. You don’t need to start drinking all day, but we can’t argue with the facts! Cheers!



You have a sharp sense of humor

First of all, sense of humor is an attractive quality. Second of all, studies showed that women that laugh more are better in bed. It makes sense, women that can enjoy in other areas in life can also enjoy themselves in the bedroom.



You love coffee-flavored ice cream

Weird…we know. But, the Chicago institute for smell and taste studies found people that prefer Coffee-flavored ice cream are better in bed! We’re heading to the nearest creamery to improve our chances….



You’re the smartest tool in the shed:

Intelligence is sexy. A London-based university preformed a study with over 2,000 women and found out that intelligent women reached orgasms twice as much as their fellow less-sharp friends. They told you being good in school will pay off!



You eat slow

People that eat slow and enjoy every bite are people that know how to enjoy every moment in bed. If you’re used to chug down burgers, try to slower your pace!



You love talking about politics

We always thought politics is not very sexy… guess what? We’re wrong! Researchers managed to find close connection between the two – women that are into politics are also into sex and they’re better at pleasuring themselves and their partners!


That was one confusing list! You’re not sure how’s those things got to do with each other? We’re not sure either, but we know you should go read a book, eat some coffee-flavored ice cream, drink some wine and finish with some stand-up comedy – we already know all those will improve your sexual performance!


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