What does your zodiac sign say about the way you kiss?

Kissing is so much fun, especially when it comes with a passionate emotion behind it– but not all kiss is like the other, some are better kissers than others! The zodiac can help us determine who is the best kisser…by the stars! Where are you in the kissing rating?





You’re always running so you need to slow down and enjoy your kiss instead of rushing into it like you do with anything else – let the peace sink in and take your time!



You are a sign associated with water and your kisses are wet and flowing – you love to give it your all, but you may be bumping teeth with your partner occasionally!



You’re full of mystery and charm and your kisses are just the same – you let the energy of love flow out of you show attention and care through your kiss and give your partner a feeling of a cosmic explosion!



You’re very passionate and powerful - in your kiss and in everything else you do! But you’re not very generous with your kisses, they won’t catch you kissing for hours at a time!



People love your excitement, your enthusiasm, and your confident self – but don’t be too into yourself and forget you’re with a partner! You need to be emphatic when you kiss because sometimes you only notice what you like and forget about the other part of the kiss.



You kiss and laugh, and talk and kiss – for you, it’s a whole celebration of love and communication! Remember to take it seriously sometimes too so your partner won’t lose his passion towards you!



You are one of the best kissers out there! A passionate kisser, just like in a fairy tale – you kiss so good, your partners will be dazzle and wish for more of you!



Like a real predator you attack your partner with tongue, teeth, hands, and lips – you are so passionate, almost eating your partner and adding scratches and biting here and there. Just remember – your partner needs to survive this kiss!



You are a gentle kisser, perhaps even too gentle. Like a butterfly you fly over the lips, barely touching it. Don’t be afraid to be bald and powerful like you are in other aspects of life.



You are always calculated, even when you kiss! But when you get out of your balance, then your kisses become just as wild as you!



A kiss for Scorpios is not the main dish, just the appetizer – you do it just to move on to the next level and stage. Take your time and enjoy the kissing phase so your partner won’t feel it’s just a step on the way.



Even your kisses are surprising, and you always live your partner with a good taste in his mouth – asking for more. You’re creative in your everything you do, and with kissing as well.


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