What will cause you to lose interest by your zodiac sign?

Attraction is a critical matter in any relationship – it’s what keeps us interested and intrigued with each other in a relationship. Did you feel your partner losing interest in you? Check why it happens by your zodiac sign.





Capricorns love multi-functioning partners, they love intelligent partners they can have deep conversations with, they’ll be bored with shallow subjects and gossip matters after a while.



They hate lies and dishonesty and it turns them off! If they see you BSing them, it just won’t last. Be yourself – and be honest, loyal, and sincere.



They love light-headed partners that love to have fun so severe individuals will bore them quick. If you’re the kind of person that is referred to often as party pooper – it won’t last!



They are hard to get and love a challenge! If you’re too easy, they’ll be turned off and they’ll likely to stay away – they love a good chase so something you gotta give them just that



They don’t like to be played with and they don’t like coming off as ridiculous so don’t pull the rope too much! They know what they love and need and don’t love wasting their time – no games will work here.



They’re highly preceptive and precise about small details so the littlest details can distract them and push them away. They are highly visual and drawn to attractive partners.



They hate jealousy and don’t respond well to it – they hate competing with others, especially in their love life and love to be put in the first place. If you’ll be a dedicated partner, they’ll be very loyal!



Don’t talk too much, it drives them crazy, they love talking about interesting things and hate people just going on and on. They’re very stimulated from talking and offering their opinion to the conversation.



They hate cry babies and hate when people complain too much about meaningless things. They prefer independent partners that know how to solve their problems in a creative manner.



They love confident partners – it turns them on! They love strong opinion and character and people that know what they love and want and not afraid to show it!



Words are not enough for this zodiac sign – if you fail to show your love with touching and caressing, they’ll just move on!



Some of the thing this sign hates most is stress and pressure – especially when it comes to your relationship. They love taking their time and run things in their own pace.



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