Men - those are the hidden signs that she’s falling in love with you!

Falling in love can be easy sometimes but It’s not always easy to find out if someone loves you back! There are universal signs that can tell you if someone is interested and slowly falling in love with you even if you’re not quite sure yourself! Stop interpreting every small detail and go through those signs to check right now:


Her Pupils grow and widen when she sees you

Oxytocin production happens when the woman you’re looking at feels attraction and a connection to you. She may be shy or barely looking, but her pupils will appear larger, meaning: she wants to be around you!


Her sitting position

Another way women show their affection is the way they sit! If they are sitting leg on leg with legs tight to each other it may show they keep to themselves. If their seating position seems relaxed and a bit open, they may be interested.



Her distance to you

If it’s only you two in the room and she’s still sitting extremely close, it means she wants to be closer to you. If she’ll keep a safe distance – get the hint, she’s not interested.



The way she looks at you

A woman in love looking at her man in peaceful look and “Swallows” every word. She’ll usually won’t interrupt you while you talk and wait until you finish your sentence.



How she acts when she’s talking to you

If she’s always playing with her accessories – her watch, her necklace and anything else and you feel she tries to get your attention by seductive gestures that makes her stand out, she may be interested.



When she does the same gestures

If she copies your body language she may be interested in spending more time with you!


How you move your toes

That’s a small yet important detail, moving her toes freely and frequently can mean she has some kind of attraction towards you.



When she takes too long to get ready

If she spends too long to get ready before your dates and if she perfects herself in any small encounter – she may be trying to impress you!



If you catch her looking at the mirror often

If she’s constantly checking herself in the mirror she may be a narcist or she may be trying to look her best just for you, all the time!



The way she stands next to you!

If her hands are close to your waist or chest she may be feeling some kind of way. If her arms are always dragging, she’s probably not interested.



When she’s always playing with her hair

Women that love flirting can’t help but playing with their hair constantly!



Listen to the signs but never assume or act some kind of way based on those signs, if you want to ask someone on a date or take it to the next level, be a gentleman and ask her first with verbal communication if she’s interested or may want to spend more time together



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