10 medical signs women shouldn’t ignore

Women are a prominent part of our society and families and they also have unique health conditions that are different than their fellow men. Some women are too busy juggling career and family and neglect themselves. The y fail to realize that some diseases can be detected early with the right awareness and frequent check-ups!

What conditions should raise awareness and should not be ignored?


Being constantly tired and exhausted

If it’s a busy time at school or work, it makes sense that you’re tired but if time passes and you’re still constantly tired it can be a few things, including chronic fatigue syndrome, a debilitating issue characterized by extreme fatigue that doesn't go away can't be explained by with any other medical condition. Women suffer more than men, about 1-4 Million Americans suffer from it. Tiredness can also mean other problems like liver issues, depression, anemia, cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and other common but terrible diseases.



New Moles

Both men and women have skin moles and tags – most of us have about 10 all over our bodies. Women should pay attention to new moles appearing because it can mean a chance for skin cancer. Women with over seven moles on their arms have a higher chance of being diagnosed with skin cancer. If the moles or beauty marks have discoloring, changes of shape and growth or if it’s started bleeding, check it with a doctor immediately.



Lumps in your breasts

If you notice lumps in one or two breasts it may be breast cancer – that’s how most women identify it – it doesn’t have to appear with any kind of pain or sensitivity. If you notice any pink or orange stains on your skin around it, you should also get checked immediately.


Chest sensitivity:

Never underestimate any discomfort or pain in your chest – women suffer from heart disease so often that it’s the leading cause of death among women in the united states – 43% of all causes of death, but women tend to ignore the aches and pains and dismiss it as heartburn.



Vaginal bleeding after menopause

Any vaginal bleeding after menopause is dangerous and need to get checked – it can be cervical cancer or vaginal inflammation – if you feel pain don’t hesitate and go talk to your doctor. Don’t be shy to talk to a medical professional because the consequences can be harsh. Even if you’re before menopause but differ from sudden changes in your cycle, excessive bleeding or sever pains through your menstrual cycle, you need to see a doctor and get examined.


Pain while having intercourse:

The American health department provides information that 8-22% of women will suffer from pain through intercourse, pains that they fail to report or talk about it due to their own embarrassment. It may be just hormonal change, but you still need to make sure you check yourself and don’t let any situation worsen!


Unexplained weight loss or gain

Your weight can change daily – you can gain or lose 4-6 lbs. a day – so,  it’s normal if your weight fluctuates. But - If you didn’t change your nutrition or life style and it keeps changing, you need to examine yourself. If you notice a sudden weight gain of 20 lbs. it can be cancer, celiac, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid gland issues, depression, stress, digestion problems. It can be a mental stress situation that caused the weight change but don’t assume, go ahead, and consult a doctor right away.



Migraines or severe headaches:

Women do have more headaches and migraines than men. The problem is not an occasional headache, it’s constant ones! It can be an early sign for a stroke or blood diseases – don’t neglect it!



Gas or abdominal discomfort:

If you feel abdominal discomfort often without any nutrition changes, it can lead to finding of other severe situations like stomach inflammation, celiac, Irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, or other diseases that should be attained to as fast as possible in case you may need surgery or emergency treatment.


Swelling in your legs

It happens in pregnancy often – the legs swell to the point that it’s hard to move or walk. If you’re not pregnant it can indicate other serious conditions like Achilles tendon rapture, peripheral edema, cirrhosis, Venous thrombosis, and torn muscles. It also may indicate blood clots, that if not taken care of, can lead to heart failure.



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