What men are you most attracted to by your zodiac sign?

Attraction is mysterious thing, hard to explain and easy to feel! The astrological circle provides us hints with the kind of man you’re attracted to by your sign – do you agree with yours?





You’re most attracted to a men that are stable and strong, one that knows what he wants about life and has a clear path to reach it.



You love men that connect mentally to you – a bit weird and a whole lot of intelligent! You love men that can handle your rich inner world.



You love men that make you feel like a princess! You love romantic guys, gentlemen that will you feel royal and special with no reason and just sweep you off your feet!



You love strong men that are not afraid to tackle any mission! Those kind of men makes you feel like they’re mature enough for you and their charisma and mental force attracts you like a butterfly to the flame!



Aesthetics and looks is your priority so it’s very important to you that yo0ur partner got the looks! Your eyes lead you to beauty and grace!



You love communication and a good conversation that won’t bore you attracts you! If he can talk about anything and is highly verbal, he got a chance with you!



You’re a loving woman and you want the same from your man! You love caring guys that loves cuddles and love to show affection constantly!



Excitement is your main motive! You love men that are exciting, 365 days a year! You love active men that are not afraid to initiate and are drawn to action, travels and indulgence!



 You love simplicity and honesty, men you can trust. You are just the same, so it comforts you and attracts you to men that are just the same.



You love charming men that can grab your attention easily – excited to be with you in any given moment and keeps you on your toes!



You love weird and unconventional men, you love men that keeps you curious, so he can be a bit crazy – you love it! And sometimes you want to help him heal it too…



You love men that are hard to get! You love the chase and the feeling of men that is not easy to get – you can’t resist the challenge.


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