7 signs that you are the one ruining your own relationship!

When relationship fail, we always tend to blame it on our partner. In reality, it takes two to tango and its never only one side’s fault. It’s recommended that you check yourself first!

It’s your fault if…


If you’re addicted to gadgets and technology!

If you spend any waking moment on your smart phone – you may be addicted and it’s hurting your relationship! Studies show that people that can’t let go of their phones suffer from problems in their love life – try to put it away next to your partner and put it on silent instead of constantly playing with it.



If you have a problematic priority list!

If you are too busy at work, your love life probably suffers. Try the 2-2-2 method – once in two weeks go on a date, once in two months enjoy a weekend together, once in two years go on a vacation abroad!



If you don’t know how to give a compliment!

If you don’t say “Thank You” often you need to check yourself, you may be that partner that takes anything for granted! Men and women both need to feel loved and appreciated and saying thank you is never a bad idea.



If your communication is only formal!

Communication between two people in a relationship got to be intriguing and fun. If you ask each other over and over what’s up it may get boring. How about changing it up and asking more elaborate questions like “What was the most interesting part in your day?”, or “What was the best thing that happened to you today?” If you’re angry, act like a friend and not like a teacher or a mother, you should be close enough to be friends beyond just partners.



If you get mad easily!

Partners tend to get mad at each other too easily. Don’t try to be the educator, try to be a comforting friend, and respond softly even when anger becomes part of the situation. Don’t get mad if your partner leaves his socks around, just take it back to the room instead to the washing machine, don’t get angry if she leaves an empty tooth paste tube, ask her nicely to replace it next time – it can create a major difference in the relationship.



If you are constantly the unagreeable part of the relationship!

You can’t be unhappy all the time. You can’t be the only one complaining all the time. If you feel nothing the other side says can solve your problem and you’re constantly mad, agree and rude in your own relationship – you may be in the wrong place and in the wrong relationship.



You have trust issues!

You cannot have a strong relationship if you constantly distrust your partner. If your partner misled you and you have the reason to believe he’s cheating and lying, it may be your time to get out of the toxic situation. If your jealousy comes from your insecurities, you need to stop suspecting them if you want to truly be with them and focus on the positives in your relationship.



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