Ways to know if your relationship is real

Relationships are complicated, they start with butterflies in your stomach, continue with a constant desire to be around the other person and changes as the relationship becomes deeper. Other feelings become part of the connection between two sides of the relationship beyond love: Care, friendship and even slightly negative elements that makes the relationship real. How will you know if the connection you have is real?


Worrying is not always bad

If you feel worried about your partner, it’s ok – it means you care. If it adds a bit of stress or negative feelings into the mix. Being emphatic about someone else means we care about their well-being and feelings, and that’s a great sign that your relationship is completely real.



Being naive and kind

Talking in a cynical manner is sometimes funny and it’s a way to express humor but when it’s the only way you communicate with your partner – bitterness and antagonism come into play. Acting kind, being naive and treating each other in a positive manner is great grounds for love to flourish. Intimacy is easier to achieve without jealousy and resentment that play a part in your life.


Don’t be afraid to be fragile

We all carry baggage from past relationships and life experiences, scaring us to certain extent. You must allow yourself be fragile and open to get hurt if you wish to feel love and truly love and be loved. When you’re fragile, you can let someone into your soul and feel the amazing feeling of uncompromising love you can trust.



 Try to learn from past experiences, utilize the things you learned in different relationships and always try to think in a positive manner. Positive thinking and confident through it will help you build a stable, love-filled relationship.



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