Cats Nursing Puppies – a Miracle or a Natural Phenomenon?

Maternal instinct is a basic innate tendency that most of the mammal species share. It is not about linguistic abilities or intelligence that is usually associated with humans. Evolution must have made sure animals take care of their offspring in order to keep the biological succession from one generation to another. It seems natural that animals nurture their own breed; we also never make a fuss of it, when people take care of all kinds of newborn animals.

Yet, it is always an excitement when we see animals demonstrate maternal instincts towards newborns of other biological species. With animals, we always try to find the logic behind making a decision of interspecies adoption and feeding.  Whatever it might be, it is hard to leave unnoticed some stirring stories about cats nurturing abandoned puppies and vice versa.

Back in 1993, a cat called Miss Kitty has adopted an entire litter of a Cocker spaniel who were abandoned by their mother. The cat was grieving the death of her own kittens and her maternal instinct reached its peak, when she sensed the helpless puppies who were about to die, since their mother had refused to nurture them. The cat found her way to the neighbors’ house and carried the puppies away one by one until she had all of them in her place. She nurtured them with her milk and took care of them as if they were her own kittens. Just find a moment and watch a video about this incredible instance:



But if for a moment we thought that the grieving effect of an unfulfilled motherhood was the only logic behind such exceptional behavior of the mother cat, let’s just hear about other similar cases, when cats adopt newborn puppies , while having to nurture their own perfectly healthy kittens.

We witness how two Chihuahua-mix puppies were born premature and shunned at birth by their mother. Siamese cat nursed them along with her kittens as if they were her own until they were big enough to be adopted.

The next case demonstrates how a cat nurses an abandoned pit bull puppy. The people who brought the puppy to the cat, hoping she would accept a helpless creature in her family even speculated that the cat did not recognize the puppy as a dog or does not have a sense of her own identity as a cat. Whatever the reason, we are happy we can share some beautiful and inspiring moments between us as humans and other species.


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