A Man hits his Girlfriend – her Teenage Son interferes Violence and Public Condemnation

Unfortunately, violence hunts us daily and routinely; it is not merely movies or soap operas’ scenarios. Media has never missed an opportunity of bringing to our attention the horrors of human behavior directed against others. People respond to these stories, because they feel it is their business, it is something that could happen to any of us. In one of the recent events, we can witness how people reacted when AWM (American Web Media) reviewed a video from YouTube, with a man attacking his girlfriend, followed by a brave intervention of her son who had no intention of letting this man get away with bullying his mother. The son reacts in the most natural way, expected from any human, protecting their mother and trying to get her away both physically and emotionally from the attacker. However, what about the mother, the attacked victim? As one of the commenters pointed out, it seems that the mother is not only a victim of her partner, but also suffers from the so called “Stockholm syndrome” that causes her to care for her attacker more than to herself or even her children (unfortunately, we do not know the prehistory). Psychologists explain this behavior, connecting it to a psychological attachment and bondage that victims develop towards their torturers. 

Source: Abusive Boyfriend Hits Girlfriend In The Face, Gets Served Up Instant Justice By Her Son by internetroi on Rumble

Overall, the comments vary between being super sympathetic with the son reaction, to being critical of his violence escalation, suggesting he could have acted differently and prevented the bullying in the first place. We get a feeling of a general deprecation of violence, but there is no sense of compassion towards the woman who gets a slap on her face in front of her children. Some of the commenters even show scorn towards her writing “: “I’m pissed the mom wanted to make sure he was okay. I would have kicked his knocked out ass and walked away”. It would not be a surprise if this commenter had been found bullying someone who is not strong enough to protect himself or herself. Let us not forget that in most cases violence grows and flourishes in violent environment. People, who encountered brutality in childhood, will probably remain in the vicious circle of violence, unconsciously passing it from generation to generation.   

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