Two more 1894-S Barber dime worth millions of dollars are still in circulation –‎ Finding one is like winning the lottery

If you are not a collector or do not deal with antiques in your daily routine, chances that you pay ‎attention to the change coins are scarce.

The 21st century has introduced a new gadget, a mobile ‎phone that replaces a lot of stuff we needed to carry along before the era of the mobile applications ‎that hide within a device as big as our pocket. Soon coins, paper money, and even the credit cards will ‎become obsolete, sharing the fate of the public telephones that used to be an essential part of our ‎existence only two decades ago at the end of the 20th century.




So whether we want it or not, in the ‎near future our wallets will become an accessory or an ornament just like watches already have ‎become a luxury, and our money will be safe inside the virtually efficient application.‎

However, in the meantime, we still have some cash in our hands; national banks still design and issue ‎new banknotes every now and then.




Moreover, most importantly, we still have people that ‎appreciate the value of rarities that sometimes prove to be pieces of art. Simply google the story of ‎the Barber coins and you will not be surprised that a few dozen dimes, called Barber dimes that were ‎minted between 1894 and 1916 are still in circulation and two of them actually worth $1.9 million ‎dollars apiece! It is very exciting to think that such valuable handiwork can accidentally fall into our lap ‎and we do not even need to buy a lottery ticket, just stay alert and go through the change we receive.

‎The chances of becoming a millionaire finding the two Barber dimes can be carefully calculated if all ‎variables are taken into account. As responsible grownups, we surely understand these are doubtfully ‎greater than if we buy a lottery ticket, so I hope you like the idea, but please, do not become obsessed ‎with it. ‎


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