How Household Items can Become Deadly Weapons

We all are aware that unexpected death is a matter of statistics; however, our minds and consciousness are designed so that in everyday lives, we ignore this possibility and we exist as if we were immortal. Otherwise, it would be too hard to retain optimistic attitude and positive thinking that constitute one of the main progress engines.

Yet, when we have children, we cannot afford neglecting altogether the unforeseen hazards. If we do not pay attention, we might face situations that we prefer to relate as to “it won’t happen to me” thing.

Children are curious, unexperienced and therefore fearless and vulnerable creatures. It may have been the reason a four-year-old Kentucky boy, Matthew Rader, lost his life. Climbing at the spice cabinet in the kitchen, he found cinnamon and inhaled it. He must have thought it smelled good, so he took a bigger sniff, started choking and collapsed shortly after. When his mother found him, it was too late and the doctors at the hospital, where he was rushed, were not able to help him.

Source: 4-year-old dies after inhaling cinnamon in spice cabinet by internetroi on Rumble


This boy cannot be brought back to life, no matter what we do, say or write about it. As well as little children and their mother who died in fire at their apartment just a few days ago, because the family went to sleep and left unsupervised burning candles, or a 4 years old girl who fell out of the window from the fourth floor of her apartment, just because someone left the window open.

Matthew Rader mother is trying to overcome her tragedy and continue with her life, if not for anything then for her other child. Through media, she sends us a warning that has to do with the Cinnamon Challenge that is spreading in social networks, on YouTube and is becoming viral.

Teenagers and even grownups swallow cinnamon powder without water in front of a camera and then share the videos online, as if accidents are not enough.  The tragedy of the little boy Matthew Rader and his family must become a strong opposing factor to futilities that might cause ridiculous fatal incidents.



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