It’s OK to say NO – What is at Stake? A Homophobic Ad versus a Kicking Sense of Humor

Same-sex marriages shatter public opinion debates in Australia since the Senator Dean Smith introduced
the Marriage Amendment Act in the Parliament sometimes in the fall of 2017. It is not surprising, since a
critical vote was underway back then in Australia — and the outcome, which could legalize same-sex
marriage nationwide, was far from certain. However finally, before 2017 goes into oblivion, making way
for 2018, the parliament voted for the new law confirmation.

Most of the population was in favor of the new law that changes the definition of marriage from “the
union of a man and a woman” to “the union of two people”. Some conservative organizations tried to
undermine this from happening. But, public opinion was made clear long before the official votes in the
parliament took place. Wiseguise Pizza was urged into the midst of this social discourse, when a
conflicting political message appeared on a billboard adjacent to the restaurant in Mowbray. Their story
is figurative enough to illustrate the situation. The ad on the billboard read “It’s OK to say NO” implying
the same-sex marriages, as it was made clear by the logo imprinted below the text of the Coalition for
Marriage, who relate to themselves as the “silent majority fighting to keep the Marriage Act intact”. The
Pizza shop manager decided to remedy the injustice, by adding a suggestion to the ad content “It’s OK to
say NO … to pineapple on pizza” turning the homophobic discourse into a gastronomic joke.

itsok.jpg©Alex Jones from Wiseguise
Public support in favor of the Act got fiercer because of this incident, since the risen debates caused the
LGBTQ rights advocates to publish a mail-in survey asking voters to vote in favor or against the Act. The
main concern of the publishers was the “laziness” of the supporters rather than the opposition of the
conservative, but the outcome, as you can read in the NY Times breaking news article was indispensable
and at the threshold of the new 2018 year, the public is celebrating a historical victory of the legislation
system and the public opinion.