A Viral Challenge or a Criminal Act? See you in Court

Human imagination is a wild thing, and if nourished by an opportunity of becoming popular, it can
flourish enormously. So now, in the era of social networks the most ludicrous pranks receive legitimacy.
However, if we think about it for a moment, we realize that challenges have been practiced since the
dawn of history. In order to prove their manhood young boys in Indian tribes had to go through all sort
of trials, willingly accepting pain and performing dangerous tasks. Today, those challenges are mostly
funny, sometimes edging dangerous pursuits, such as chocking with cinnamon or burning ones digestive
system with hot peppers, getting burns on the skin, practicing salt and ice challenge or getting a punch,
while going through a backpack challenge.

The challenges stories are endless, as well as motivation for participating in the internet stunts that
varies from banal boredom to revolting social pressure. However, none of them explains the shocking
and nasty latest hot water challenge. There is no doubt it is dangerous when someone is pouring boiling
water on themselves, but when we hear that the pouring is also on others, how are we supposed to
react? What is so challengeable in spilling boiling water on a sleeping friend when a bunch of teenagers
gathers for a fun sleepover? Just see the burns the boy gets on his neck and think for a second. This is
nothing, but a cruel act of violence that should be treated as criminal. Moreover, it would be very naive
to think this was the only incident. Here is one more incident, showing a girl boiling a pot of water,
sneaking up on her brother from his back and spilling the water on him, while he had no clue of what is

I believe there should be zero tolerance for such behavior. If someone is stupid enough to harm himself
or herself, it is the problem of their parents, educators etc., but when another person gets hurt, without
any intention of sharing the dubious fame of the idiotic viral video, it should be reported to the police
and the guilty participants should be punished with all the ensuing consequences.