The magical wonders of coconut oil!

More and more people are getting into the healthy trend of using coconut oil for different health benefits – it has valuable nutrition values that helps improve quality of life, upgrades appearance and helps protect your body from harm. But how? We made a complete list of coconut oil benefits for you:


Skin health

If you have problematic skin issues, rashes, eczema, or other skin problems, applying coconut oil heals sooth and heal the skin. It provides moisture for elbows, ankles, and feet. Coconut oil also helps with mosquito and insects sting, it calms the skin and helps avoid infections.


Weight loss

Fast metabolism helps breakdown the food you eat, and coconut oil helps accelerate it, it has oily acids that improves fat burn and leads to faster weight loss. Don’t consume too much coconut oil but use it in a balanced, smart way in cooking and drinks.


Healthier cooking

Great for cooking in a high temperature and a great source of healthy oils – doesn’t affect high cholesterol as much as other cooking oils.



Bacterial resistance

Wash your mouth with coconut oil! It’s an excellent mouthwash that helps you disinfect your teeth, tongue and mouth and keep your teeth healthy.


Anti-Bacterial treatment

Coconut oil is excellent to treat fungus and infections – drinking a small amount of it helps heal stomach bacteria!


Treating a puffy stomach

Problematic nutrition can lead to a swollen stomach, consuming some of it in cooking or drinking helps keep your stomach flat and avoid gas.



Protecting your body from sun exposure

Coconut oil is a great sun protector – about 20% of dangerous sun rays are blocked by applying coconut oil on your skin! 


Hair nourishment

It helps keep protein in your hair, apply it to your hair after washing to get a healthy look and feel, inside out! 


Acne treatment

Acne can be treated by applying coconut oil on your skin, it helps dry the pimples and cure the skin.


Home cleaning purposes

You can treat the furniture in your house – stains can be cleaned with coconut oil and baking soda, try it! It’s also a great way to polish wooden furniture and surfaces.



Overall body health

Consuming it helps balance sugar levels in your blood, breaks down fat and helps treat internal infections and build bones. It also helps liver functions.


Cosmetics and beauty products

Instead of using cremes and lotions with chemicals you can use coconut oil for a line of uses: Removing eye make-up and facial make-up, treating cuticles and nails, using as a natural deodorant, applying on the lips for moisture.


Where can you get it?

You can find it in pharmacies and nature stores. Choose an organic or coconut oil/butter without any additives so you can use it freely on your hair, skin and add it to delicious recipes!


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