The best personality test ever made - only 4 questions will provide a precise result!

The Myers-Briggs personality test was developed during World War 2, to help women find the correct job for them, as well as find a replacement for their spouse that left for war, sometimes to never come back. After answering a few questions, women received a short characterization that helped them find their career path.

Some companies still use this method to locate the right people for the job. We got the short version for you – 4 questions with 2 version of questions that will create your very own characterization! Let’s go!


After a long, tiring week that wasn’t very successful – how will you spend the weekend?

E – I’ll call friends to see what’s their plans. I heard about a new restaurant opening, a new movie or a new deal so I’ll check what they’re up to!

I – I’ll leave my phone away from me and watch my favorite show at home/read a book or take a long bath.



What describes you better?

S- I’m interested in current events, I like to pay attention to what’s going on right here, right now.

N- Facts are boring. One of my hobbies is to day dream and come up with potential screenplays, I prefer intuition over data.



A competitor company offers you a job opportunity, but you have your doubts: They’re offering better wages but at your current job you have excellent staff and your manager hinted there’s a promotion coming your way. What do you choose?

T- I’ll investigate every possible information on the competitor company, I’ll consult an HR expert, will create table of pros and cons and consider everything before I make a choice.

F- I’ll listen to my heart and follow it.



Your closest friends are getting married in two weeks. How do you prepare?

J- My surprise for the couple is ready, been ready months ago! I chose my outfit and my greeting is written down – I’m always ready ahead of time.

P- Why get ready for that? I’ll be there to party my hardest for them, I’ll make a spontaneous greeting and say something on-the-go if needed, it always comes out the best without preparing.



Now analyze your personality type by the Myers-Briggs test:

ESTJ - The manager type:

A practical, calculated personality that loves organization, order, and planning but on top of everything – loves to convince people of being right and change their minds – a person that always sticks to the facts. Finds friends easily and always the center of the party. Knows how to show love and take care of the loved ones in the surrounding. 11% Male and 6% Female.

ENTJ- The commander type:

Life is a war zone for this personality type – brave personality that will jeopardies himself or herself for others. Easily finds inspiration and set new goals. Great at knowing himself/herself –and acknowledge weaknesses and strengths. Sensitive to new things, open to ideas, positive thinkers, loves sports. 3% Male, 1% Female.

ESFJ – The teacher:

Get well great with others, always in the center of a situation. Always willing to help even on its own expense and willing to listen and help others. Very independent at work, driven and hopes for emotional support when possible.

17% Female, 8 % Male.

ESTP – The champion:

A natural winner, always trying to achieve goals, works by a plan, hates compromise. Warrior-style thinking, quick on his feet, great at pressure situations, provides fast answers.

6% Male, 3% Female.

ENTP – The inventor:

Highly creative, great at ideas, compassionate and excellent at providing practical advice. Shy but knows how to find common grounds with new people. Very imaginative and intelligent, has a harmonic personality, great at adapting to changes.

10% Male, 6% Female.

INFP – The healer:

A romantic dreamer, puts harmony and peace first. Loves to focus in his/her own thoughts but great at understanding situations. Well-dressed, loves to look good, generous and easily loses connection with reality.

5% Female, 4% Male.

ISFP – The composer:

Knows how to find happiness in the small things about life so knows how to deal with a simple routine. Loves to feel needed and helps others without being intrusive, hates confrontations. Funny and entertaining. Down to earth, practical, loyal and trust worthy.

10% Female, 8% Male.

INTP – The architect:

Doesn’t like to show emotion, a philosopher with plenty of knowledge, aspires for comfort and emotional peace. Cautious with making decisions, loves to analyze things and look for connections between past, present, and future. Sensitive to changes and effected by it.

5% Male, 2% Male.

INFJ – The advisor:

Great at understanding people and highly sensitive – hates aggression and can’t deal with lack of affection. Approachable and intuitive, keeps learning and educating himself/herself and considers personal development as a main factor of life.

2% Female, 1% Male.

INTJ – The cheerleader:

Has a rich inner world, has great concepts and ideas. Perfectionist, trying to improve others around at all times. Very independent, tends to keep people away, believes his/her own intuition.

3% Female, 1% Male.

ISFJ – The protector:

Hates fake situations, a person of action, no talk. Precise and accurate, caring and loving, helps others but doesn’t let people in easily.

19% Female, 8% Male.

ISTP – The crafter:

A technical person with great hands. Takes the time to make decisions. Very accurate and precise, great with times and deadlines. Emotional thinker, with an objective point of view, trusts people but won’t give a second chance if betrayed.

9% Male, 2% Female.

ISTJ – The supervisor:

Calculated, deep-thinker, responsible. Trust worthy but highly suspicious of others, loves business relationships but not social ones. Precise and accurate, down to earth, highly connected to reality.

15% Male, 7% Female.



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