How do you get over your ex by your zodiac sign?

We all have issues with dealing with break-ups, but each sign has its own way of dealing with it. Some people take forever, some people can’t let go and some people can’t do it fast enough. Check your sign to find your route to an easy break-up:





You take your time to process and deal with situations, so it takes you time to get over a relationship and plan towards a new one.



Plain and simple – you are a bit obsessive. You need to face the music and look forward to your new single life, there’s new opportunities waiting for you around the corner.



you waste so much energy thinking about why it happened and how you can go back to your old relationship. Instead of moving on, you keep trying to get a person that left you back in your arms. Stop it and stop living in the past.



It’s hard for you to move on – you’ll even go as far as going back to your favorite places and clubs to try and feel the same feelings.



Let’s be honest, you don’t want to get over your ex! You’re so stubborn that you’re still sure you can get your ex back and relive your relationship.



You forget all the bad stuff that happened and think only about the good stuff, so you get confused and tend to think it was all great between you and your ex even though it wasn’t.



It’s hard for you to understand why it happened, you drive yourself mad with constant questions. Try to end it even if your ex won’t give you a chance for closure.



All you need is a new, attractive distraction and you can get over your ex easily. You need a rebound – it helps you get over your old love.



You can’t help but relive situations you lived together, over and over, just like the Aries sign. It’s hard for you to take yourself to a new, positive direction.



Stop thinking you and your ex were meant to be. If you were meant to be, you would be together. Accept your destiny, be more flexible and accept the changes in your life, don’t reject it.



You keep talking about your ex and thinking about your ex, even in a random conversation – how can you ever forget the ex like that?



You have a rebellious nature so it’s hard for you to accept the fact that those are the facts of life and you need to move on. Also, it’s an emotional torture you seem to enjoy for some reason.



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