What Makes Us Dog People or Cat People?

People share common characteristics that determine whether they are dog lovers or cat lovers.


This is a long-running discussion between dog people and cat people.


Is this another one of the ways in which we create stereotypes?  Research says it is not.  Studies have found common characteristics among people who love dogs, as opposed to those who prefer cats.


The curious cat

A 2010 study conducted on 4,500 people found that cat people tend to be more open-minded, are lovers of culture and the arts, and are given to having a more progressive ideology. Dog lovers tend to be more traditional and conventional in their world view, and are less curious than cat people.


The wise cat?

600 students were asked whether they preferred dogs or cats, and then asked to take an intelligence test.  In most cases, cat lovers received higher test scores than dog lovers.  


However, according to a survey of 200,000 people, the same percentage of cat lovers and dog lovers had earned a 4-year university degree.


That's how I told it

According to that same survey, dog lovers prefer physical humor and imitations, while cat lovers prefer humor in the form of word play, irony and wit.


Spatial problems

In his study, psychologist and researcher Stanley Koren found that when asked, cat owners claimed that dogs would not be taken into their homes due to reasons of space, while about 70% of dog owners claimed that they would bring a cat into their home.


The explanation for this probably stems from how we were raised.  Almost half of the people who grew up with a cat in their home now own cats, while only 11% of those who had dogs in their home growing up now have cats.


A dog is a friend

Another finding of the study is that cat owners are more likely to be atheists, although the psychologist claims that they treat their cats as the Egyptians treated their gods, while dog owners are just looking for a friend.


The motive

Cat owners were seen to be less dominant, assertive and self-confident.  They seemed quieter in social gatherings.  In addition, they were found to place trust in others.


Dog owners, on the other hand, proved to be more suspicious, which explains their preference for a loyal pet.


Recent studies have shown that there are various reasons for keeping a dog as opposed to a cat.  40% of dog owners are looking for relationships, while 45% of cat owners are looking for affection.


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