Black or Instant?  What Coffee Do You Drink and What Does it Say About You?

We all start our days with coffee, but that is where the similarities end.


There are so many different ways of making a cup of coffee, and they all reveal something about our personalities.


Black coffee

You are efficient and like to get straight to the point.  You do not like to make a lot of changes, and prefer to work the way you always have, and rightly so.  As long as you have coffee and boiling water, you'll be fine.


Black coffee with lots of sugar

You love a lot of taste, and the amount of sugar you add to your coffee keeps growing over the years, never getting smaller.  Your coffee is simple but not completely boring.  It is completely reliable, just like you.


Instant coffee with a bit of milk

You are a minimalist and do not like the bitterness of coffee on its own, yet a bit of milk does the trick for you.  You love the fact that your coffee is easy to order and that you don't need to make a mess to make a cup.  It's quick and ready-to-go.


Instant coffee with lots of milk

You like a bit of coffee with your milk.  It's not certain whether you even enjoy the taste of coffee, but you say you do.  You are probably a practical type, and you identify the advantages in everything, knowing how to use any situation to your advantage.



Everyone asks you "How do you survive?!" on a daily basis.  You like to be in control and are a health nut, but you don't relish the increased alertness you get from caffeine.


Coffee with ice

You would die for a cup of coffee, but it's hot outside, so you kill two birds with one stone.  That's the way you are – a born problem-solver.  Do you also love air-conditioning?


Short espresso

You're short on time and just want a little push.  You don't like getting help from others, but rather you like to be the one who helps others.  You know how to manage your time, and that is why you take short breaks for short espressos.


Long espresso

Why just slightly press the gas when you can push it all the way down?  You like things in an all-or-nothing sort of way.  Your body has become immune to caffeine and now, at the very least, you need at least a long espresso to keep you awake.


Soy milk and foam paintings

If it takes you 15 minutes to order your coffee, and your order is a few pages long, then you are a coffee snob.  It also means that you are a perfectionist and that everything needs to be done your way.  That said, you know what you want and you won't settle for less.


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