Serious Mistakes We Make When Taking Medication

When we are sick, we expect the medicines we take to make us feel better quickly. All too often, though, we end up interfering with recovery process without noticing.


What should we drink when taking medicine?

Sometimes when we take pills, we simply drink whatever is within reach, not considering that there are drinks that can weaken the effect of the medicine.  For example:


- Coffee and cola (which cause the medicine to break apart too quickly)

- Tea (which prevents absorption of the medicine into the blood)

- Milk (which weakens antibiotic activities)

- Grapefruit juice (whose high levels of acidity change the nature of the medicine's activity)


Unless otherwise stated in the information leaflet that comes with the medicine, it is best to always take pills with water at room temperature.


What should we eat when taking medicine?

If you are required to take a pill with food, pay attention to what your meal consists of.  For example, if it is rich in fiber, the active ingredient in the medicine may be removed from your body before it has even had a chance to be absorbed in the blood. Here are some examples of such foods:


- Oatmeal

- Cabbage

- Berries

- Greens

- Pumpkins

- Legumes

- Mushrooms

- Whole wheat bread


Keep in mind that with certain medications it is important to eat certain foods, so it is important to read the accompanying leaflet.


At what times should medicines be taken?

It is very important to keep consistent hours, especially if you are taking antibiotics.  In this case it is very important to maintain a proper balance of the drug in your body.  If this balance is not maintained, the drug will not be effective.


If your doctor has prescribed a large number of pills and you are afraid you will not be able to maintain your schedule, it is best to prepare reminders or keep an orderly journal.


Is it possible to mix different medicines?

If your doctor has prescribed several different types of pills and has not stipulated whether they can be taken at once, it is better to take them at different intervals.  Doctors recommend 10 minute intervals between different pills.


Can I stop treatment in the middle?

We often stop taking medicines the moment we start feeling better.  This is a big mistake that can cause us to get sick again.  Medication must be taken for the length of time as prescribed by the doctor.  The goal of the treatment is not only to eliminate the symptoms, but also to keep them from returning.