10 Hair myth that should be long gone

They tell us from young age that washing our hair too much ruins it and that some beauty products can give volume even to the thinnest hair – which are those are true or false? We collected the 10 top most popular hair myths to get your beauty facts right:


As much as you cut your hair more often, your hair grows longer

Hair doesn’t grow from the ends – it grows from the roots, so it has nothing to do with haircuts! Some people tend to shave babies’ hair to create growth, but the truth is that hair growth is a genetic factor…



Drying your hair naturally is better than blow drying

If you have long hair, blow drying it is much better! Water molecules tend to sink into long hair and make it dry and intangible without blow drying.


You need to constantly change shampoo because hair gets used to it

They say shampoo becomes not effective in constant use – it’s not true. Hair’s shape and state can deteriorate due to many other reasons but not that one.


Dry scalp is the main reason for dandruff:

It’s exactly the opposite – oily skin creates dandruff and its recommended to stop using hair oils if you suffer from dandruff.


Split ends can be salvaged:

Not all – some cremes can help but sometimes you just need a good trim to overcome it.



Combing your hair often will make it healthier:

Combing your hair too often spreads scalp oil on your hair so it gets dirtier, faster. Combing your hair too much can actually create breakage and damage your hair health. Comb it enough to keep it shiny but don’t over do - find the balance!


The right care can make your hair thicker:

Hair thickness is a genetic quality that cannot be affected by different hair products. What you can do is add volume to your hair with a selection of different products.



If you wash your hair too much – it becomes oily:

Again, genetics plays a role in the kind and quality of your hair – washing it too much or too often won’t affect how quick it will look dirty but caring for it properly can definitely affect its look.


If you’ll pluck a white hair – a few will grow instead!

If you’ll pluck one, only one will grow back but it’s better to avoid it because it can create inside growth or damage the hair follicle.


Room temperature water makes your hair smoother

Sorry guys and gals, hair is dead cells, so no temperature can change its state!




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