In-depth analysis for Sagittarius Sign

What can we say about Sagittarius signs? 


First and most of all, they love freedom! Real, pure freedom without borders. Their words call the shots how one’s need to act and what’s really important, so people may think they are a bit self-centered.

If you’re a Sagittarius reading it, we know you have no bad intentions or mean spirit but when acting like your way is the highway…well, some people may not like it. But you don’t really care, you still sleep great at night knowing you usually get your way.

Sagittarius is part of the fire element with an emphasis on an energetic, hot nature. Like fire, Sagittarius has a burning passion and desire for creation and action and they know how to adapt to changes - they accept it as part of life, they love changes and they’re positive about it. They have a deep character with a strong foundation that leads them through a personal route – they’re always learning new things, they love to explore, and they look at the world as a place to discover new things and attitudes. They’re curious and they love adventures! They love to travel and always looking for new explorations anywhere and everywhere – they’re hungry for new cultures, new lifestyles and exciting new people.



Even if you meet a workaholic Sagittarius, one that seems stuck in a techie, boring position, be sure – underneath the suit and the serious appearance there’s a free spirit that is ready to leave it all and follow an adventure to a foreign country – they got the rush for experiences and curiosity stamped in their DNA.

They’re very impulsive so you might get offended by their lack of tact, they’re not very good at holding their tongue, they’re very honest, say things as it is. It’s a bad and good thing because they’re real with their surroundings so you also know they always tell the truth.

In a relationship setting, Sagittarius loves to explore the limits and push borders, the have a child-like curiosity that make them do it. They love their freedom, so they need their personal space and they need to follow their way. If you want to be happy with a Sagittarius, you’ll have to respect their need for freedom, if you’ll do it, you’ll be able to keep them loyal and loving for long.