What is more important to you than making love by your sign?

We all have qualities in our partner that we prefer over sex – believe it or not. What are those qualities you prefer in a partner by your zodiac sign? The stars got the answers:


Capricorn: You hate small talk, you love people that are smart and sharp, and you can have intellectual debates with them about politics and science. 


Aquarius: The most important thing for you is support, you need to get constant support from your partner. You need someone to be on your side and help you get over your natural pressure by cheering you on.


Pisces: You love laughing and appreciates a great sense of humor, you hate to be quiet and love people that lights up the room with great vibes.


Aries: You love a close, total connection sexually or not – you will never stay with anyone that is not 100% committed to you, no matter how strong the attraction is.


Taurus: You need full commitment and loyalty, you won’t share anyone! You need someone that will love you dearly with a full heart, all the time!


Gemini: You won’t change for no one so you’re looking for someone to accept you just the way you are! If someone will try to change you, they won’t be with you!


Cancer: You love romantic partners, per say – candlelight dinners, kissing in the rain, long strolls along the beach and park picnics – all the cliché and some more, it won’t work for you if they’re not romantic!


Leo: You need people that can compromise, because you don’t take no for an answer. You’re stubborn so you won’t deal with a partner that will simply say no, they’ll have to meet you half way.


Virgo: You are looking for someone you can feel comfortable with, all the time. You won’t waste your time on a relationship that will bring you discomfort – you want to be the real you, without getting judged, all the time.


Libra: The most important thing for you is an open communication, you expect your partner to be open with you without any shame and always tell you their real feelings.


Scorpio: You’re looking for someone to put a smile on your face, no matter how hard it gets, you don’t think it’s much to ask so you won’t waste time on someone that doesn’t go that length for you.


Sagittarius: You need someone to understand your need for freedom and personal space, someone that won’t feel threatened by your free spirit.