Choose a color to discover your favorite position!

Colors and sex preferences have a natural connection! Sex is a colorful act and we all have our favorite colors and shades that affect our choices and reflect on our subconsciousness. For example: Choosing dark clothes and black wardrobe shows a mystery nature and a gloomy attitude and red shows that we love to be on stage. How does it show in the bedroom?

Yellow – the erotic V position:

Yellow is a color of energetic people that loves affection. The V position symbolizes an affectionate position in bed that allows deep intimacy and provides pleasure for both sides of the relationship. You also need energy for the flexibility it demands!



 Dark Red – the mermaid position: 

Dark red is a color of harmony and emotional balance. It’s a choice for people that have a balanced attitude for life and prefers harmonic sex positions. It’s easy, comfortable, and ideal for both sides.



Purple – The legs over shoulders position: 

It’s a color chosen by people with a great imagination, creativity, and a unique personality. Legs over shoulders is their favorite position, it’s a bit complicated but just like the purple-lovers, it’s worth the pleasure!



Grey – The wide missionary with a twist position:

Grey is an amorphic color, lies in the middle between black and white. It’s a flexible color for flexible people that this wide missionary position provides – it allows freedom within the pleasure!



Red – The stand-up position:

Red is a color of pure passion, a color of danger as well as pleasure. People that chose red have plenty of emotions and desires and loves to explore ranges of passion. If red is your favorite color, the standing up position will provide you the range of movements that will lead you to a wonderful level of satisfaction.



Brown – The doggy style position: 

It’s a humble, simple, grounded color that symbolized safety, protection, and closeness. Doggy style is a safe position that provides confidence for people that are not confident about their bodies and it provides a high level of pleasure for both sides.



Green – The sitting position:

Green symbolizes harmony, growth, and prosperity. It’s an intimate pose, where just like a tree, two sides are rooted in one another and they can swing like leaves in the wind.