How Do each sign acts when falling in love? You’re in for a surprise!

Each zodiac sign has its own weakness and strengths – depends on its energies and place on the astrological map – how does it affect our love energies? How each sign acts in a romantic situation?


Capricorns don’t fall in love head over heels – they have calculated choices and look for a committed, dedicated partner. They’re practical and looking for a partner to share their future with


They’re workaholics and their first love is their professional fields so just know – if they fall in love with you, you’re probably special to them.


They’re extremely romantic and constantly act like they’re part of a romantic movie. They love to express their love with art, poetry, and plenty of emotion!


When they fall in love, they’re not afraid to show it and they’re curious to get to know their partner in any aspect – they also love it when the other side opens themselves to them.


They have a constant need to defend themselves from getting hurt; it’s hard for them to trust anyone! It takes them time until they fully trust their love subjects, even if they’re completely in love with them.


When Gemini falls in love, they can’t hide it – they’re shy and easily embarrassed. They’re loyal partners and will give you the world!


The most sensitive of all the signs and most careful about their heart and falling in love – their emotions are so powerful, so they’ll take a closer look into the other person before they give their hearts away.


They love showing affection in public and love showing the world they’re excited about falling in love! If they fall in love with you, they’ll defend you with all their powers, just like a Leo in nature.


They’re very calculated so they’ll wait until they’ll show someone they’re in love! They’ll take it slow and make sure they’re not hurt, and they don’t expose themselves easily.


They’re the ultimate lovers in the zodiac map but they’re overthinkers – they worry about achieving the perfect balance, so they won’t be spontaneous at first in a love connection.


They expect loyalty and will wait to show how they feel towards the other person, even if they’re deeply in love.


When they fall in love, they tend to be “sticky” and over affectionate - they love to spend every waking moment with their new-found love and they won’t let go until they get their love back.