A Day prior to Her Death, A 27-Year-Old drafted out a letter and this could change your approach towards life.

You may be disappointed with all life has to offer. Insufficient cash, unfulfilling work and wandering relationships is controlling your life. Maybe you invest excessive energy on the internet contending about legislative issues with outsiders. Most times, we feel our lives are incomplete, and maybe all we require is somewhat a different point of view. 

"In the event that something is making you feel this way, you do have the ability to transform it – be it affection, your career or whatever it could be. Be ready to embrace change by the horn. Nobody knows how much time they have got in this world so try to make the best of it." 

These are the expressions of Butcher Holly, a woman from Grafton in the New South Wales, Australia. She as of late lost her fight with Ewing's sarcoma, an uncommon type of cancer that mostly affects young folks. Unfortunately, Holly was only 27 at the time of her death. 

As she battled with her life, an unfortunately agonizing phase to go through at such a youthful age, Butcher chose to compose an open letter about what she had learned from life, considering the way her ailment made her appreciate the little time she stayed on earth. "If I had the luxury of making a choice, I would choose not to die, after all, I am only 27," she said. "I cherish my life. I am upbeat…I give the credit to my family and friends. Be that as it may, I do not have control over my life." 

Maybe Butcher's words, originating from the heart with energy and a burning genuineness, will enable folks see the bigger picture, one that is regularly lost in an ocean of eventually useless burdens and worries that rapidly reduce our day to day presence. She asks us to get a grip on the critical things in life, and make the best of life itself. "That is the thing about existence, it is unpredictable, delicate, and valuable and every day is a blessing, not one's right." 

Do not just read Butcher's letter and do nothing about it. Give your friends and family an embrace; let your light blossom because you are alive today!