Working from a café

I always had an idealized image of how it must be to work from a Starbucks, or any other coffee shop. The atmosphere, the music, the furniture - everything seemed so inviting. Well, just like with everything else - you have to prepare yourself that not everything is as good as it seems.

Not as good, but may still be the right thing at times. Therefore - we're happy to serve to you a list of the main challenges you may encounter and how to turn them to your advantage:

It sounds so trivial... Yes, of course there is Wi-Fi everywhere. However, if you're not the only one using it, it may be too slow for your needs. You should also take into account the risk of people monitoring the data on this public network and be careful what you do when connected. Alternatively you can use your mobile as a hot spot and enjoy a private, secured and fast internet connection.

If you intend to work, and even more - if you want to have a meeting, you need to consider the quality of acoustics in the coffee shop you choose. Try to find a place that can manage the talks around you and still allow you to hear yourself think... If they play music in this place try to sit as far as possible from the speakers, and hope that you and the manager in place have the same taste in current singers.

It sounds funny, but it does influence the overall quality of your stay there. You may have planned to order one cup of coffee and enjoy it for 4 hours, but once you're there, surrounded with people ordering, eating, drinking and talking about their food you may find that (a) it is distracting; and (b) it makes you hungry. It is best to choose a place that serve good food that you like and can afford.

Working in a coffee shop doesn't have to be a 'flying solo' experience. It is a trend, and you are not the only one doing it. You may find that people around you may have a synergistic effect to your work, and it is always nice to have someone to talk to when you need a break. You can find lists of favorable places to work in Facebook groups or internet articles, and expect that people who found the place through the same list have the same interests as you do.

Having said all that, you may also want to consider working in a shared working facility. There are places around the city that will rent you a sit for a few hours or per day. There you can enjoy fast internet connection, good working facilities such as meeting rooms / corners and the company of people just like you - independent, focused, and knowledgeable. You may have enough in common, and a lot to share. Have fun!